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Genealogy & Ancestry

Meet the experts of Genealogy & Ancestry

Looking to trace your ancestry? No problem. We have a team of in-house genealogists who can do this for you. Historian Turtle Bunbury and Professional Genealogist, Nicola Morris, can work with you to find your ancestors and when you find your home - and it can just be a ruined cottage - one of our driver guides will happily take you there.  

Nicola Morris is a professional genealogist and member of the Association of Professional Genealogists in Ireland (APGI).  She is a director of Timeline Research Ltd, a Dublin based genealogical and historical research company. She works very closely with the production company for the BBC TV programme "Who Do You Think You Are?" and most recently for the US version of the show, which aired on NBC and Lifestyle. Nicola has appeared on screen with Rosie O’Donnell, Jeremy Irons and Graham Norton. Most recently Nicola was one of the presenters of the first series of The Genealogy Roadshow for RTE. She was a researcher for and contributor to "The Tenements", an award nominated series for TV3.
Nicola lectures on the Diploma in Family History at Independent Colleges, Dublin and the Archives and Records Management MA in University College Dublin. She is also a visiting lecturer on IARC certificate in Genealogy at University College Cork and the University of Limerick and has given talks at various events, such as Back To Our Past.

Turtle Bunbury is a best-selling author and award-winning historian, based in Ireland, who gives historical talks over afternoon tea or cocktails for VIP clients. His subjects include: The Irish Abroad in 1847, Vanishing Ireland and a Whistle-stop History of Ireland. He also escorts small groups on guided tours, either of Dublin City or of other parts of Ireland, where he is on hand to provide his own comprehensive yet distinctive take on Irish history. Turtle’s books include the Vanishing Ireland series, Easter Dawn, The Glorious Madness and, his latest book, 1847 - A Chronicle of Genius, Generosity & Savagery (launched September 2016). Turtle is also an international public speaker and frequently contributes to television, including such show as "Who Do You Think You Are?", as well as radio, online & print media, including National Geographic Traveler, Vogue Living, The World of Interiors, The Australian and The Irish Times.

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