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Shore Excursions

At all ports of call, cruise ships offer a variety of cruise shore excursions or tours

Many times, shore excursions can involve lengthy bus rides with drop-offs at shopping centres where you feel pressurised into buying souvenirs that you don’t want.

Be assured, shore excursions organised by Adams & Butler, will only add to your enjoyment of your trip. We promise to provide shore excursions that will enhance your cultural experiences and as a result, your overall travel adventure.

For a start, you will be met off the ship by your own professional driver guide and enjoy the luxury of travelling in a high-end vehicle.

Depending on the destination, shore excursions vary, depending on what's available, but we will match your desires to what you can do. Active tours could be anything from water sports to zip-lining, hiking, biking and horse-riding. They might feature a day at the spa or the beach, wine or food tasting, a cultural performance or a visit to a museum.

Shore excursions also vary in length. You may not want to spend a whole day away from your ship. We can organise a full-day tour to see the highlights of a city or to a destination outside the port city. A popular one for visitors stopping in Dublin is a tour of the city or a trip outside the city to see the monastic city of Glendalough.

On the other hand, a half-day tour might only focus on one specific itinerary - a three-hour kayak trip or a highlights tour of a city - but gives you free time to explore the port on your own before or after.

Whatever type of shore excursion you choose, we at Adams & Butler will ensure that it adds to your overall travel experience. And of course, if you want us to take you shopping for souvenirs we will!

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