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Adams & Butler Blog

Heritage Trail - Inishmurray Island, Co. Sligo

Thursday, 16 February 2017
Adams & Butler Blog
Inishmurray Island is situated just off the pretty coastline of Co. Sligo. Accompanied by your archaeologist guide, you start your trip by boat from Rosses Point in Sligo where you will see seals and stunning scenery along the way. What is distinctive about the island is its remote beauty, abundant birdlife, and incredibly well-preserved early monastery, founded by St. Molaise in the 6th Century. An ancient circular Cashel, considered to be the best preserved in Ireland houses tiny churches and clochauns, otherwise known as beehive huts or cells. 

This monastic enclosure is like the monastery on Skellig Michael in Co. Kerry yet is relatively unknown and one of Sligo’s hidden gems! This island is full of surprises. You will find several very early Christian crosses showing a Maltese and Greek influence and there are hints of cult practices that took place here around the ‘clocha breacha’ or cursing stones. The island is alive with bird song. Wild flora includes gorgeous Purple-Loosestrife, Scarlet Pimpernel and Common Centaury. 

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