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Adams & Butler Blog

Spanish Armada Trail at Streedagh, Co. Sligo

Friday, 03 March 2017
Adams & Butler Blog
This trail will allow you to journey across Streedagh Strand, where you will immerse yourself in the coastal wilderness of the Wild Atlantic Way which will lead you to an ancient seabed filled with fossilised coral reef and across rugged terrain. Rare orchids grow here from April through to August such as the Pyramid Orchid, the Early Marsh Orchid and the Heath Spotted Orchid as well as other species of wildflower.

While gazing out onto the Atlantic Ocean, your guide will tell you the history of how three Spanish Armada ships were wrecked at Streedagh Strand over 427 years ago. You will learn about the fascinating tale of a Spanish captain, Franciso de Cuellar who escaped the perils of the sea. The letter he wrote to King Phillip in 1589 will be recited to you describing his remarkable escape story from Streedagh Strand to Antwerp.  

This walk is filled with stunning scenery and local heritage dating back hundreds of years. Contact Adams & Butler at for further information.