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Anywhere…  any place… any time… we listen… we understand… we create

Now, never before available in Ireland – Irish experts with worldwide knowledge. Adams & Butler, has expanded its horizons so that you can expand yours. We offer adventurous travellers privileged access to a different world. Exotic but not necessarily expensive, we search out the best places and rooms that you won’t find anywhere else. We give down-to-earth advice on out-of-this world magical experiences, working with a network of experts based in exotic destinations.

We believe in service – service when you contact us to make a reservation, service when you arrive at a hotel or board a ship. We act as a concierge to all of our customers, so that you may contact us in advance for all your special needs, such as transfers, restaurant reservations, spa appointments, tee-times, etc. Even when our offices are closed, you can always contact us 24/7.

Our unique and extensive portfolio of memorable places includes, the Buchanans’ Dalcross Castle in the Scottish Highlands, the Duke of Devonshire’s Lismore Castle in Waterford, Richard Branson’s Necker Island and his Kasbah in the Moroccan desert, writer Ian Fleming’s Jamaican paradise, villas in Cape Verde – Europe’s Caribbean and an unbelievably upmarket island in the middle of the Pacific. We work to any budget – our properties range from €300 to €100,000 a day.

A few of the unusual vacations that we have created include eco-safaris by Hummer, ghost hunting in crumbling mansions, a Ferrari tour of Italy, heli-golfing on the world’s finest courses, shamanic tours of Peru, a thatched cottage with stabling for a string of polo ponies and a tour of the eighth wonders of the world!

Personal shoppers, confidential secretaries, discrete butlers, Mary Poppins’ proteges to look after your darlings, drivers trained in risk management and evasion, charming guides with good local knowledge – all part of our service.

We are a one-stop shop for luxury travel:

Any agent can book the best hotel. Our team of local contacts know the right room to book in these hotels. We also know the little boutique hotels, the ultimate, secret hideaways before they become well known and can arrange privileged access to places normally reserved for royalty or from which most tourists are excluded.

Adams & Butler offer the most exclusive and unusual locations and venues from exquisite cottage hideaways to elegant villas, city penthouses, historic churches, private islands, stately mansions and luxury castles, including golfing lodges, ski chalets and fishing cabins, for vacations, family celebrations, destination weddings, honeymoons, alumni tours and meetings, think thanks, photo shoots and product launches.

Our success is based on repeat business – a sale is successful only when the clients come back to us again and again. And at Adams & Butler, they do.

We will only book a vacation when we are quite sure that the client appreciates both the advantages and the failings of the product we are offering  (for nothing this side of heaven is quite perfect!)

Because you deserve the best…

Because you’re special…

We fulfil dreams and create memories…

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