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How the company was founded

Everyone always asks how did Adams & Butler come into being and how did we choose the name. It all started when I was doing my MBA back in 2002 at the Smurfit Business School. I thought there was a gap in Ireland for a company whose philosophy was building relationships of integrity with suppliers and travel advisors, with the sole purpose of making clients really happy when they went on vacation and letting them spend time engaging with real people from every stratum of society. As a result our private visits range from lunching with Dukes, Lords and Ladies to visiting an oyster farm on a back of a tractor, to discussing Irish politics and history with internationally renowned authors over a cup of tea! I felt that a travel experience should also be a learning experience. I truly believed in this concept and used it as a basis for my MBA thesis in which I got a first. I gathered those around me who felt likewise both in the sales team and as driver guides. I firmly believe that our guides David Wardell, Pat Kavanagh, Pat Liddy, Robert Vance, Lord Andrew Gray, Viscount John, Kevin O' Carroll, Ru Zeigler, Betty O' Connell, James Campbell, James Scobbie, Jim Johnstone, John Newbigging, John Barnton, Diane and Paulo amongst others, are the best driver guides in the world. 

And the name... Adams & Butler? There is no Mr Adams and no Mr Butler. I wanted Irish names that people could spell and 'A' meant that we were always at the top of the list - where we belong. 

Adams & Butler are now firmly established as a small high-end tour operator for Ireland, Scotland, England and Wales, who have a talent for providing niche products and itineraries in particular to travel agents, but also to specialist high-end tour operators with private clients. Our most sought after itineraries in the last 12 months include walking, hiking, biking, fishing, gourmet, whiskey, equestrian, Jewish, antique and garden tours as well as general all- Ireland and all- Scotland touring and castle tours, on a self-drive or private driver-guided tour. 

As well as working with the best hotels in Ireland and Britain, we also have a selection of elegant and stunning private castles, villas and country estates for clients to rent on an exclusive basis. 

We understand wealthy and sophisticated clients who are looking for value and an authentic experience when vacationing. We start with a clean page and really listen to what our clients want. We don't offer an itinerary which has been offered before. We start afresh. Every time. Every inquiry. This builds loyalty and engenders trust. Nothing is too much trouble for the Adams & Butler team. 

Siobhan Byrne Learat 
Founder & President 

Adams & Butler   

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