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Other Services

We can cater for your every need while on your journey through Ireland & UK

At Adams & Butler, we can organize every aspect of your trip from the moment you step off the plane at your chosen destination.

If you want to avoid the hassle, queuing and crowds at the airport, we can arrange to have you met and fast-tracked straight through arrivals where you will be introduced to your local driver guide. 

It goes without saying that all our driver guides are professional, knowledgeable and know the locality inside out, but if you would like a more specialised guide – a military historian or a wildlife expert for example – we have just the person you need.

Want to drive yourself? A top-of-the-range car will be ready for you to pick up when you arrive.

Don’t want to deal with traffic? A private helicopter transfer can be arranged to take you to your destination for the first night of your trip.

We can also arrange transport in vintage cars or even horse-drawn carriages. Spend a day at the races with your own private box, a tipster and even a race sponsored in your name.

Looking to trace your ancestry? No problem. We have a team of in-house genealogists who can do this for you. Historian Turtle Bunbury and Professional Genealogist, Nicola Mums, can work with you to find your ancestors and when you find your home - and it can just be a ruined cottage - one of our driver guides will happily take you there.    

And that’s not all. If you have teenagers in your party, they may not want to do the same things you want to do. As it’s their holiday too, we will organise for them to meet up with some locals of their own age so that everyone gets an experience to remember.

In Dublin you might need a shopping assistant - we can arrange for the editor of an Irish society magazine to help you find the best deals at the most exclusive shops.  Perhaps you would prefer to check out the most fashionable night clubs to which we can arrange VIP access. 

Or let us entertain you with The Guinness Family Tour - visit the graves, homes and breweries of this famous family with a descendant of Arthur Guinness.

Clients tell us that our driver guides are the best in the world and often book them repeatedly.  Our VIP concierge service and our 24-hour butler service are unique. Guest speakers from government and business circles, firework displays, treasure hunts, pub crawls  (with a literary bent), murder evenings, leisure learning days from traditional building skills to bread baking… our services are unlimited. 

A firework display in an Irish castle? A private dining experience by candlelight in a cave below the beautiful Burren landscape? A hot air balloon trip to get a bird’s eye view of the landscape? We can do all that and more. Perfect private experiences is what we do. 

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