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Our Commitment to the Environment

Adams & Butler is aware that its business activities impact upon the environment and is committed to ensuring these activities have the smallest possible detrimental effect.

We are committed to complying fully with all relevant legal requirements, codes of practice and regulations; assessing the environmental impacts of our operations; continuously seeking to reduce their impacts and improving our resource efficiency though reduction of energy, water use and waste.

We are reducing our carbon footprint as part of a carbon-management strategy by planting trees for every major trip; optimising energy efficiency and conservation in all operations by turning off equipment as much as possible; reducing the impact of transportation in our business activities by establishing travel hubs; purchasing equipment with a high energy rating; using energy-effective bulbs; encouraging staff to use bicycles and walk to work; promoting the Tax Saver public transport system, which discourages use of private vehicles; allowing staff to work remotely from home to avoid unnecessary travel.  

We actively reduce, reuse and recycle both internally and among our suppliers and customers and reduce packaging on all our products where feasible.  and minimise waste generation by applying reuse and recycle options where possible.

We promote water conservation in our office and garden, use tap water for drinking and wash dishes by hand.

We choose suppliers and contractors that adopt best environmental practices,  making this the procurement policy of our company and we ensure that all our employees understand our environmental policy and conform to its standards.

Our policy is to do everything we can to protect the natural environment.

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