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"Once Siobhan Learat learned of the challenge, she immediately and relentlessly went to work, using her exclusive resources, including direct connections with Dukes and Earls associated with the Royal Family to achieve what seemed impossible through all our other contacts. Siobhan and her team were the only ones that made this happen for us! We all know that out of our biggest challenges can come our biggest successes, and in addition to securing two confirmed tickets to Highclere Castle, we have come to appreciate Siobhan and how highly connected she is in Great Britain! I would enthusiastically recommend the team of Adams & Butler."
- L. Sutton, Alabama -

"It was sheer joy to have been able to spend time with you. Your delightful hospitality and sense of humor touched my heart."
- J. Buckley, California -

“The way you took care of everything was really great. You thought of every possible thing and we loved every second of our stay.” 
- Rick Slonim, St. Louis -

"I just wanted to thank you and let you know that every aspect of the trip was spectacular and was everything I could have hoped for.” 
- L. Leckie -

"Putting together this trip to Ireland at the very last minute… I can’t thank you enough for your gracious, warm and caring nature during the entire process. I could never have done this without you."  
- F. O'Brien -

"We are back from a fantastic trip to Ireland! One of the highlights of the trip was that I located what looks to be the town of my great-grandfather, and we met what is likely a distant relative from that town. " 
- Joel Atkinson -

"Absolutely fantastic working with Adams & Butler; we had two great trips to Ireland. All of the Irish countryside was simply stunning. We had a local driver/guide who knew the countryside, took us to some off-the-beaten-track pubs and directed us towards some excellent Irish music performances."
- M. Merk - 

"We're just back and already missing Ireland. We highly praise and would absolutely recommend our driver guide, Pat Kavanagh, who went above and beyond to give us a great experience. Knowledgeable, personable, interesting and accommodating - we really liked him and consider him to be a new friend in Ireland."
- C. Black -

"We consider ourselves most fortunate to have chosen Adams & Butler and to have had David as our tour guide. He is a true ambassador for your company."
- Jean Cornatzer - 

"Siobhan Byrne Learat’s team manages a private portfolio of castles and houses owned by the aristocracy and has a knack for arranging excursions based on themes such as gardens and antiques."
- Travel + Leisure - 

"Extremely knowledgeable about all things Irish"
- New York Times -

"A villa specialist with the right sensibility"
- Conde Nast -

"We want to thank you for organising a wonderful trip to Ireland for my wife and I and to specially commend our driver, guide, and now good friend, Peter Murphy. His friendly nature, jovial Irish charm and quick wit kept us smiling and laughing for the entire trip. When we return again to Ireland, meeting with Peter and sharing the craic will be the first thing that we do. Thank you again for arranging a trip of a lifetime."
- Ed and Fely Callahan - 

"Our "secret" Ireland tour was the highest of the trip; Mark and Richard were gracious, knowledgeable and fun; Lisa and Paul were incredibly special feting us with lunch, their art collection and magnificent home Otherworldly last day."
- Penelope Steiner -

"Siobhan is a master at what she does and truly loved by all of the hoteliers and property owners. All of you at Adams and Butler deserve kudos for managing to fit in all of the visits and give us a pretty comprehensive look at everything Northern Ireland has to offer. I had been to Northern Ireland before, but had barely scratched the surface of what is available there."
- US Travel Agent 2016 -

"I really feel Adams & Butler did a fabulous job planning everything out and showing us everything Northern Ireland has to offer."
- US Travel Agent 2016 -

"The most important thing I gained is the huge amount of expertise at my disposal when I contact Adams and Butler. I was unaware of the variety of experiences that you can offer, and the flexibility you can provide. My clients raved about you, and I now realize why. Thank you so much for offering me the trip of a lifetime... now I will offer similar ones to my clients. And I will pass on my feelings and experiences to my colleagues at Viking Travel. "
- US Travel Agent 2016 -

"Adams & Butler is the bomb :-) I've always thought of Adams & Butler as a great onsite, but after this experience I cannot imagine using anyone else. So very impressed with Siobhan and Kasao and all the staff. Plus, I've never really considered Adams & Butler for Kenya, but will going forward. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity to see Northern Ireland, but more importantly, to get to know everyone at Adams & Butler. Relationships are our most important asset. "
- US Travel Agent 2016 -

"Adams and Butler is absolutely the best! However, I have always known that. "
- US Travel Agent 2016 -

"Adams & Butler has an excellent reputation and proper connections to make travel dreams come true."
- US Travel Agent 2016 -

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