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Azura Quilalea Private Island

Quirimbas Archipelago, Mozambique


Azura Quilalea is a hidden gem, somewhere to retreat from the hustle and bustle of daily life. It has a relaxed and understand Robinson Crusoe castaway style that complements the luxurious seafront villas, ensuring total privacy and exclusivity for the guests, surrounded by the magnificent pristine waters of a marine sanctuary.  


Guests can arrive at Azura Quilalea Private Island via Pemba in Mozambique. Pemba can be accessed from South Africa with flights from Johannesburg on Airlink and LAM, from Kenya with flights on LAM from Nairobi, from Tanzania with flights on LAM from Dar es Salaam and from other centres in Mozanbique.

There is a helicopter for the transfers from Pemba to Quilalea Island. The flying is approx 25 minutes, and will connect with your arriving/departing flight.
Map co-ordinates: -12.491058, 40.599944


Amenities of Azura Quilalea villas include beachfront location and view; sundeck with loungers; a private dining area with views over sea; a private infinity plunge pool; mini bar; and a private undercover deck with daybed.

Public areas at Azura Quilalea offer unique vibes and experiences for the guests. The main bar and pool area offers plenty of areas to relax, including a chill zone with large cushions for lazing around. The informal lounge coming off the bar area offers TV and a laptop with interenect access available for use.


  • Offers snorkeling and scuba diving straight off the -beach for lovers of marine life. Enjoy kayaking, deep-sea fishing, African spa experiences, exclusive picnics and beach dinners
  • The culinary focus is on fresh seafood; Every meal sees a new menu with a selection of two to three starters, mains and desserts

At A Glimpse

Azura Quilalea is the ultimate private luxury hideaway in a stunning undiscovered destination, an untouched paradise for the just a discerning few to discover. Snorkel the island's shores, dive from the main beach, kayak the mangroves or relax in a hammock beneath the giant baobabs on the island.

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