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Ellerman House

Cape Town, South Africa


With 13 rooms and suites, two ultra-modern villas and a tranquil spa, Ellerman House is the quintessential urban retreat for discerning luxury travellers wanting complete exclusivity and privacy in Cape Town.


Located in Bantry Bay, the hotel offers spectacular Atlantic Ocean views and easy access to beaches and local attractions. Ellerman House is situated just 10 minutes from the heart of Cape Town and the one-and-a-half-acre property, now privately owned, stands as an iconic showcase of South Africa’s finest hospitality, cuisine, art, wine and leisure.
Map co-ordinates: -33.929123, 18.377770


The boutique hotel has 11 rooms, 2 suites and 2 three-bedroom Villas. Attention to detail ensures no two rooms are alike and the property boasts two lounges, a library, a dining room, three dining terraces, a spa, a fitness centre, pool, brandy lounge, Wine Gallery, Contemporary Art Gallery and Champagne Cellar. The property is not open to the public, offering a genuine level of privacy and exclusivity to guests.


  • Ellerman House offers an incredible collection of wine, over 7500 types of wine are available from established and emerging labels from the Western Cape’s world-renowned wine regions.
  • The Ellerman House Spa is a natural extension of the property’s commitment to quality and personalised service.
  • Highlights include the owner’s extensive South African art collection which can be viewed throughout the hotel. 
  • Ellerman House offers specular views of the South Atlantic Ocean. 

At A Glimpse

Whether you choose the luxurious atmosphere of Ellerman House or the modern art gallery style of its two three-bedroom villas, you will fall under the spell of an address that lets you enjoy all the pleasures of Cape Town.

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