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Ol Donyo Lodge

Chyulu Hills, Kenya


Ol Donyo Lodge is one of Kenya’s premier wildlife destinations conserving an incredible, forgotten paradise. 275,000 acres of immaculate, private wild Africa borders the Chyulu Hills National Park and blends contemporary design with the rich culture and history of the indomitable Maasai.


The area is rich in wildlife. Africa’s giant elephant bulls roam free, haunting calls of leopards interrupt the night and lion stalk prey. With views out to a distant Mount Kilimanjaro, each cottage merges outdoor and indoor living with eight of the ten private cottages offering their own swimming pool whilst all enjoy intimate roof terraces “star beds”, allowing you the thrill of sleeping in style under a canopy of endless African stars.

Map co-ordinates: -2.601701, 37.881644


Ol Donyo Lodge has a total of 20 beds in seven standalone cottages. Some are two bedded, while others are four bedded with their own private sitting room and 5 have their own swimming pool. These four bedded lodges are perfect for families or small groups of friends who prefer that extra privacy.
All bedrooms now have spacious ensuite bathrooms with superb views, an indoor & outdoor shower and a bath. All rooms have their own rooftop sundowner / "star-beds" spot where guests enjoy dramatic views over the plains and onto Kili. More adventurous guests have the option to sleep out safely on these rooftops to enjoy a night sleeping under the stars.


  • Descend into the volcanic caverns of the Chyulu Hills to explore the world’s second longest underground lava tube. 
  • Go on safari in a variety of ways—by vehicle, on foot, riding horseback, or after dark.
  • Watch large-tusked elephants drink from the lodge watering hole, getting up-close views from the nearby “log-pile hide” viewing perch.
  • With Africa's highest mountain a constant backdrop, the views from ol Donyo are grand and breath-taking

At A Glimpse

Ol Donyo truly offers a unique type of safari in Africa, weather its descend into the volcanic caverns of the Chyulu Hills or taking in the view of the breath taking Mount Kilimanjaro this is an experience life no other.

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