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Ol Jogi Wildlife Conservancy

Nanyuki Town, Kenya


Ol Jogi is one of the most remarkable private wildlife conservancies in Africa. Family-owned for over 40 years, it is a safe haven for the preservation and future development of Wildlife Conservation. Comprising 58,000 acres (270km2) of unspoiled wildlife habitat in the Laikipia District of Kenya, the landscape startles and is unique in its diversity within Kenya.


A breath-taking 45-minute private flight from Nairobi takes you to this magnificent ranch in the Kenyan bush. Nestled within the shade of a protective rocky outcrop, Ol Jogi is the ultimate African escape.
Map co-ordinates: 0.314503, 36.978345


Nestled around one of the property’s larger kopjes is Ol Jogi’s Main House, where guests stay in a series of luxurious, themed cottages surrounded by tropical gardens, streams and waterholes. Each of the thirteen individually designed suites feature a dressing room, a generous bathroom, most have a living room and a private outdoor terrace that overlooks the garden and a series of water features where an ever-changing scenery of wildlife come down to drink.


  • Unwind beside the heated outdoor swimming pool, which is surrounded by tropical gardens and a free-flowing waterfall.
  • Enjoy a typical Moroccan Spa ritual in Ol Jogi’s traditional steam room.
  • Game drives are enjoyed in the radio-linked, custom-built, four-wheel drive, open-sided vehicles that are driven and personally guided by our Conservation Managers.
  • Nearby, you can walk with baboons, go river rafting, hike or climb Mount Kenya

At A Glimpse

Ol Jogi provides guests with a tailored experience where each of their individual requests and preferences are seamlessly met. As wonderful and indulging as is Ol Jogi’s home, the real treasure lies in the untouched nature, the wildlife that unfolds before your eyes, and the freedom to do anything you wish within this magical setting.

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