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Ol Malo House

Laikipia, Kenya


Situated on the northern edge of the Laikipia plateau, Ol Malo House is built on the edge of a rugged escarpment looking out across the time-honoured lands of Kenya’s Northern Frontier District.  An ancient land inhabited by wildlife and tribes of a time long ago, undisturbed and living by the rhythm of nature, there, as part of this untamed and beautiful landscape is Ol Malo – Place of the Greater Kudu.


Set in Kenya's wild and beautiful North Eastern Province - 5000 acres of spectacular bush country overlooked by Mount Kenya and teeming with the elusive antelope from which the land takes its name. The plains and dense bush around Ol Malo contain an enormous number of species - some unique to the area. This is the birthplace of mankind and home to some of the greatest bio-diversity on earth.
Map co-ordinates: 0.722499, 36.636092


For accommodating exclusive groups, or families, the Francombes’ have built a six-bedroom house. The hub of the house is a large and beautiful sitting and dining room with open fireplaces encircled by three en-suite double bedrooms. Separate cottages create a further three double bedrooms: each private and comfortable cottage has decor inspired by the area’s wild landscape, local flora and the life and culture of the Samburu people. Lighting handmade by the Samburu women creates a warm ambience and welcoming atmosphere. A flagstone path leads to a large open area overlooking the infinity pool, fringed by Drasina palms and this incredible land’s wide-open vistas – perfect for al fresco dining. A barbecue area creates a wonderful place in which to end the day under a star-studded African sky.


  • Ol Malo has their very own little Raven R44 helicopter, piloted by Andrew who has been all over Kenya by air and knows all the secret spots.
  • The area is home to a broad range of wildlife, including some rare species
  • Spend a romantic night in the tree house under a blanket of stars; sleep in the leopard blind and listen to the noises of the night or fly camp on the river, lulled to sleep by an orchestra of frogs.
  • Incredible views of the surrounding landscape

At A Glimpse

Wildly romantic, ol Malo is a 5000-acre private ranch in one of the most spectacular areas of Laikipia, the Ewaso Nyiro flowing between high rock kopjes and rugged thorn bush. Hosted by the wonderfully informal Francombe family, this home-from-home experience is great for camel treks and romantic fly camps.

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