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Saruni Samburu

African Luxury in Kenya


Saruni Samburu offers a unique and authentic safari stay - anexciting and varied range of unforgettable activities, from the adventurous tothe luxurious, the thrilling to the tranquil.


Saruni Samburu is located at the heart of the KalamaCommunity Wildlife Conservancy, about 7 km from the Northern border of theSamburu National Reserve (accessed through the Kalama Gate). It also bordersNgutuk Ongiron to the west, Namunyak Community Conservation Trust to the northand Sera Community Wildlife Conservation to the north east.

Map co-ordinates: 0.7060, 37.5306


Saruni Samburu’s six luxury villas are open and spacious,heralding spectacular views over Kenya’s Northern Frontier District and MountKenya in the distance.


The lodge is revered for its innovative, eco-chic architecture and interesting design and décor, as well as its Italian-inspired cuisine. Guests can enjoy the vast panoramas from the dining and lounge area, the infinity pool and the Samburu Wellbeing Space. 

At A Glimpse

Saruni Samburu is the onlylodge in Kalama Conservancy, which borders Samburu National Reserve, with200,000 acres of unspoiled wilderness to explore and enjoy exclusively. You areguided from start to finish by Samburu warriors who are passionate about theirland and their culture, learning first-hand about their fascinating customs andtraditions and gaining ancient, local knowledge about the land and the animals– a truly authentic experience.

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