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Serengeti Migration Camp

Serengeti National Park, Tanzania


Internationally renowned for the greatest wildlife spectacle on the planet, The Serengeti National Park located in north west Tanzania is the ultimate ‘wildlife show’ on earth. Across the globe authors and filmmakers have come to document the Annual Migration of hundreds of thousands of animals, but there is still only one way to understand and experience the true magnificence of this natural phenomena and that is to be part of it.


The Serengeti Migration Camp is located along the route of one of the world’s great wonders - The Migration. The landscape, originally formed by volcanic activity, has been sculptured by the ever-changing climate and now varies from open grass plains in the south, savannah grasslands with scattered acacia trees in the centre, hilly wooded grasslands in the north to extensive woodland to the west.

Map co-ordinates: -3.052647, 34.704351


Migration Camp Tents are designed with the guest’s comfort in mind. Each tent has an en suite shower room with flushing toilet, shower and twin vanity basin, the latter of which receives hot (solar generated) and cold running water 24-hours a day.
Migration Camp tented rooms include luxuriant soft furnishings, a writing desk and stationery set and a room fan. The tents have a wooden floor, fixed bathroom walls, fixed wooden doors but all combine with the all-enveloping canvas


  • Serengeti Migration camp is situated right in the path of the migration which has recently been coined as the 8th wonder of the world
  • Game drives within the Serengeti National Park with a professional, experienced guide
  • Camp includes a swimming pool
  • Wifi can be accessed in the main lounge

At A Glimpse

Truly one of the best locations to witness “The Great Migration”, the single largest movement of animals in the world. You will also be delighted and awed by the sheer numbers of game drives available at Serengeti Migration Camp including witnessing all the big-five.

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