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Singita Lebombo & Sweni Lodges

Kruger National Park, South Africa


Set in 33,000 acres of pristine wildness in the Kruger National Park, this private concession is a diverse habitat, teeming with game beneath African skies, ensuring every comfort from fine dining to a spa. Guests are treated to unhindered and up-close glimpses of the Big Five. 


Set within a private concession neighbouring Mozambique, known for its lions, the camp is 45 minutes' drive from the Satara airstrip and 3-hour drive from Hoedspruit. 
Map co-ordinates: -24.452397, 31.977693


The lodge comprises 13 suites and one private-use villa that give guests a front row seat to the Kruger National Park. Rooms overlook the game-rich banks of the N'wanetsi river and the Lebombo hills. Singita Sweni Lodge is nestled amongst hundreds of trees at the edge of the Sweni River.


  • Includes a roof terrace and wine studio (a multi-level retreat which boasts a library, multi-media room, wine studio and rooftop viewing area), an interactive kitchen, and an additional 25-metre lap pool.
  • Spa and gym facilities are available.
  • Two lap pools with loungers; a long lamplit bar; and glass-walled dining room.
  • Offers Game drives, alongside walks, archery lessons, bicycle rides.

At A Glimpse

Singita Lebombo & Sweni Lodges are a celebration of cutting-edge design in an African context where everything defers to nature. All communal areas of the lodge have been pushed out to ensure that the outside bursts in, offering calm and meditative spaces in a landscape of giant euphorbia trees.

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