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Family Safaris

Lifetimes of Memories


Most people tend not to think of an African safari as a good choice for a family, especially those with young children. And to a certain extent, that is true. The vast distances in Africa often mean long journeys by road and most game lodges are quiet kind of places with little by way of activity to entertain children. Even game drives to view exciting kinds of wildlife require silence and stillness in order to see as much as possible. However, things are changing and a family safari in Africa can be a memorable and enjoyable holiday for every member of the family.  

The main thing is to make sure that the property you choose is suitable for you and your family. And the other thing to remember is to wait until your children are older. There really is no point in bringing a baby on safari; from eight upwards is a good age, as a child of this age is naturally curious about the natural world and more importantly, has a certain level of concentration and will actually remember all they have seen on the trip. 
Some lodges and camps are more geared up for children than others and this is where Adams & Butler can really help.  Small things can really make a difference such as flexible meal times, an outdoor play area, a property where children can run around and make noise, games (like table tennis, cricket etc), proximity to local attractions or towns, shorter game drives giving more flexibility, connecting bedrooms, a swimming pool and animals on-site that are child-friendly (like goats, ponies, dogs, even ostriches).  

Don’t forget children are fascinated by other cultures and will love any interaction with local people – a visit to a nearby village, a bush walk tracking animals with a local tribesman or interacting with children who live nearby will all make for an amazing and memorable experience for your child. 
To have a seamless family safari experience (and we’re all about that at Adams & Butler), we would highly recommend that you consider taking a private villa or booking an entire, smaller game lodge for your family. This would give you the freedom and flexibility that makes for a terrific family holiday.
Having your own driver guide and vehicle means that you can plan exactly how much time you and your family want to spend on a game drive and mean that you are not confined to early morning or evening drives.
As you can see, a family safari in Africa can be the perfect holiday. Let Adams & Butler organise it for you.

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