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Perfect Honeymoon

African Love Story


The continent of Africa could surely lay claim to being the best honeymoon destination in the world. And it’s not hard to see why!For most people it has exotic connotations, they associate it with leopards, lions, elephants, buffalo and giraffes. They envisage going on safari, seeing these magnificent creatures in their natural habitat, not merely on a day trip to a zoo. Perhaps being lucky enough to see a pride of lions on a kill or a leopard dozing in a tree or a herd of elephants with some babies in tow. And these are all possible in Africa. 

Countries such as Kenya, South Africa, Botswana and Tanzania are totally geared up to make such experiences come true. Intimate, luxurious, owner-managed safari camps and lodges are often located overlooking water holes meaning that you don’t even have to leave the camp to see the wildlife. However, you really shouldn’t miss the opportunity of going on an early-morning game drive as the dawn comes cup and the bush begins to awake, or the experience of stopping in the bush at dusk and enjoying a beer while listening to the sound of a lion’s roar. And all that’s before we talk about beaches!And what beautiful beaches there are! 

If you could imagine your perfect beach location with soft white sand, fringed by gently waving palm trees and leading down to clear turquoise waters teaming with brightly coloured fish, you will find it in Africa.The Quirimbas Islands and the Bazaruto Archipelago in the Indian Ocean off the coast of Mozambique, the shores of Lake Malawi, the exotic beaches of Zanzibar or the long deserted stretches of coastline in South Africa are all destinations where you can relax and unwind. And if you feel like exerting yourself, these locations are world-class for diving, snorkelling and other water sports. 

In South Africa, you can go whale watching or even try cage-diving with sharks! However, if all that sounds too energetic, you can just luxuriate in the beautiful surroundings of the elegant, high-end luxurious beach resort or hotel that we have chosen especially for you. Expect expert and professional service, great cuisine, wine and cocktails, landscaped gardens, attention to detail, lavish interiors, top-class spa treatments, private plunge pools and most of all, complete relaxation.

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