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Tailor Made Africa

Any kind of experience in Africa


At Adams & Butler, we can put together any kind of experience in Africa that you require.

How about taking a helicopter flight over Victoria Falls? Seeing the Okavango Delta from your own canoe? Taking a tour of South Africa’s best vineyards on the back of a Harley Davison? Or trekking into the forests of Uganda to see mountain gorillas, followed by two weeks on an island overlooking the Indian Ocean.

Or stay on a private luxury ranch and experience the bush from the back of a thoroughbred horse. The only sound you’ll hear is your horses’ hooves, the creaking saddle and the sounds of the animals as they go about their business. Or what about the ultimate animal encounter? We can arrange for you to get up close and personal with Great White Sharks, the world’s largest predatory fish, reaching over 6 metres (20 feet) in length.  From the inside of a cage, you will be awestruck by the experience and come away with a new-found respect for these magnificent and often understood creatures.

There are many different ways to experience Victoria Falls or the ‘Smoke that Thunders’ but not many beat the sensation of taking a microlight over the top of the falls. It’s scary, sure but the thrilling views more than compensate and it really is a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

Any agent can book the best hotel. Our team of local contacts know the right room to book in these hotels. We also know the lesser-known luxury safari lodges, the best and most secluded beach resorts, the ultimate, secret hideaways before they become well known and can arrange privileged access to places normally reserved for royalty or from which most tourists are excluded.

We believe in service – service when you contact us to make a reservation, service when you arrive at a hotel or board a ship. We act as a concierge to all of our customers, so that you may contact us in advance for all your special needs, such as transfers, restaurant reservations, spa appointments, safaris, etc. Even when our offices are closed, you can always contact us 24/7.

Private tailor-made trips is what we do. 

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