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Villa Rental

African Villas


With our excellent contacts throughout Africa, we can source just the right property for your needs. We do it in Ireland and Scotland every day, though of course there were mostly booking atmospheric castles (with modern conveniences) and historic country estates. In Africa, it’s a slightly different matter. The properties are different (very few castles for a start!) but no less unusual. Try these for starters: Your own private Kenyan bush retreat, nestled in the shade of a rocky outcrop and only a 45-minute private flight from Nairobi. This luxurious ranch in the Kenyan bush is exclusively yours, with all the comforts of home – private staff catering to all your needs, tropical outdoor swimming pool set in landscaped gardens and outdoor dining spaces with spectacular views over the Kenyan bush.

Private rangers and safari vehicles are available day and night, there are state-of-the-art business facilities, a gym, tennis court and spa and an organic garden. On top of all this, you will appreciate the designer interiors, world-class cuisine cooked by your own chef, the magnificent wildlife, candlelit dining horse-riding and the sweeping views of Mount Kenya. A luxury contemporary architecturally designed villa with modern open-plan interiors in Cape Town overlooking the ocean with breathtaking mountain and ocean views. The entertainment deck features an infinity pool and has plenty of chaise longues and alfresco furnishings. A barbeque and a bar area featuring a forty-two-inch plasma television with satellite TV makes it an ideal space for entertaining or just sunbathing and enjoying the South African sun. It’s the perfect place to kick back and enjoy your holiday! 

A beautiful beach villa in the Bazaruto Archipelago off the coast of Mozambique is where you will experience luxury and refinement and find peace, solitude and incredible sunsets. Your accommodation is just steps from the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean and smiling, helpful staff mean that you will be able to relax completely. Swim on protected reefs teeming with dolphins, Humpback whales, Whale sharks, sharks, Manta rays and turtles. Quite simply, a Mozambique island holiday in the Bazaruto Archipelago is the best African break you will ever experience. Visitors can drive to their heart’s content, fish, walk, swim, snorkel or try a range of exciting water sports. Or what about a six-bedroomed riad in the centre of the medina (the old walled part of the city) in Marrakesh, Morocco? Arranged around a central collonaded courtyard with a swimming pool, shaded by bitter-orange trees where you can sip mint tea, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Rooms are furnished in traditional style, there is an in-house chef and staff and the rooftop views of the Atlas Mountains are sensational. Remember, these are just a selection of our properties in Africa, we can find anything you want!

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