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Walking Safaris

Culture by Foot


Zambia, in the southern part of Africa, is considered one of the best countries in Africa in which to do a walking safari. This is due to the highly experienced walking guides, the variety of top-quality camps and the great selection of wildlife available. Strict guiding exams have guaranteed consistently high standards for walking safaris in the country.Though you can do walking safaris in Botswana, Kenya, Namibia, and Tanzania, the South Luangwa National Park in Zambia is said to be the birthplace of walking safaris and you'll still find some of the continent's best on-foot experiences here.

Zambia is a safari enthusiast’s dream with over 30% of the country’s land allocated to National Parks. Kafue National Park’s Busanga Plains are famous for lion prides while plains game such as puku, red lechwe (golden brown antelope), Lichtenstein’s hartebeest, oribi (slender-legged, long-necked small antelope) and buffalo can be seen. Cheetah and wild dog are also present and there is a resident herd of rare roan antelope. Birdlife in Zambia is also prolific, with over 750 bird species found in the country. Walking safaris are not just about seeing wildlife. Just being out in the bush on foot is an experience in itself. You can cover lots of ground in an open-topped Jeep and most of the animals just appear to accept it as a particular smelly, noisy creature but it still makes noise. 

It’s only by walking, that you really get a feel for the sounds of the bush. And it’s only by walking that you can really appreciate the smaller animals and insects that live in the bush. The crackle underfoot as a small creature scurries past or seeing a pair of bright eyes peering curiously from up a tree are all experiences that can only happen when you’re walking quietly in the animals’ habitat. Your guide will also talk about the fascinating plants that you’re seeing, and discuss the ecosystem in general. You will come away from a walking safari with a greater understanding of the African bush and the many fascinating creatures that call it their home!

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