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Zambia Conservation Adventure Safari

A unique Ecotourism experience


A unique and purposeful journey designed for the Conservation and Ecotourism minded guests, taking them behind the scenes and directly into the action, at the heart of the Conservation and Community initiatives in this wild country!

The Zambia Conservation Adventure is a unique opportunity for guests to travel with a purpose and see first-hand how their journey changes lives in the most remote corners of Africa.



This exciting itinerary takes one deep into the wild abundance of northern Kafue and the serene setting of the mighty Zambezi. Guests will have the opportunity to interact with the lead researcher of the Zambian Carnivore Programme, experience conservation education in action and walk amongst one of southern Africa’s most endangered mammals. 


  • Light aircraft transfer from Lusaka into Busanga Plains.
  • 4 nights at Shumba Camp.
  • Interaction with the Zambian Carnivore Programme – a unique opportunity to understand the role of conservation initiatives in protecting the lion, leopard and cheetah of the area.
  • Interactive day with Game Rangers International, including a presentation of their anti-poaching work the evening before.
  • Outstanding game viewing and a hot-air balloon flight over the Plains (weather dependent).
  • Light aircraft transfer from Busanga Plains to Livingstone.
  • 2 nights at Toka Leya on the banks of the Zambezi River.
  • Conservation discussion on the efforts to protect rhino in Zambia.
  • An opportunity to track and view Zambia’s protected rhinos on foot.
  • Visit to nearby Sinde Village and Twabuka School, accompanied by the local CITW Programme Coordinator James Mwanza, to appreciate the impact of conservation education.


*Optional 3-night Hwange add-on

  • Light aircraft transfer from Victoria Falls to Hwange National Park.
  • 3 nights at Davison’s Camp.
  • Elephant tracking in private concession areas of Hwange.
  • Interactive time with Hwange’s Scorpions Anti-poaching Unit as well as a visit to their camp.
  • Visit to nearby Ngamo Village to understand how partnering with communities can contribute to conservation.

Light aircraft transfer from Hwange to Victoria Falls.


This six-night set-departure safari presents an opportunity for guests to travel with a purpose and immerse themselves in the conservation and community initiatives where the realities of African conservation are encountered first-hand.

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