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Adams & Butler Blog

Living History Tour of Dalkey Castle

Friday, 10 February 2017
Adams & Butler Blog

Dalkey Castle and Heritage Center invites you to its guided tour of Dalkey Castle (built in 1390) and St Begnet’s Church and Graveyard which dates to 700AD. Visitors will get an opportunity to learn about the fascinating history of the Castle from early Christian through Viking, Medieval, Tudor and Victorian times to the present day.

Many of its original features remain intact such as the murder hole, machicolation, warder’s walk, garderobe, external battlements & arrow loop windows. Visitors will encounter costumed actors including the archer, the cook and the barber surgeon who will all explain what it was living in those times. 

Later, visit the heritage centre & writer’s gallery to delve deeper into their stories and trace the origins of Dalkey right back 6,000 years. This tour will give you an insight into the fascinating history of Dalkey Castle. 

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