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Adams & Butler Blog

"Living the Downton Abbey Experience"

Friday, 21 April 2017
Adams & Butler Blog
A new and exclusive experience has just been launched at Crom Castle, Co. Fermanagh. John Crichton, the 7th Earl of Erne and Baron of Fermanagh, is offering his home at the family's ancestral seat to guests wishing to spend a vacation with him as their personal host. 

John is a great friend of the Adams & Butler family; we had the pleasure of being shown around and treated to a wonderful lunch by his Lordship back in February when we had many laughs.

Kick back and relax as aristocrats, dignitaries and even Royals, including Queen Elizabeth II, have done at Crom Castle over the years. Allow Lord Erne to be your gracious host and experience a typical day in the life of an Earl. Whether it's boating, hunting, fishing, driving, dining or whatever else takes your fancy, an experience at Crom Castle is truly once in a lifetime, not to mention an experience available exclusively to Adams & Butler clients.

Check out our sample 'In Residence with the 7th Earl of Erne' itinerary and our overview of the property at the following links for more information: