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Adams & Butler Blog

Experience luxury in the headquarters of Harland Wolff

Monday, 10 July 2017
Adams & Butler Blog
Have you ever wanted to dine in the same space where the draftsmen sketched their designs for the ill-fated liner? The Titanic Hotel in Belfast, Northern Ireland is said to be the most authentic Titanic themed-inn guests can experience. Occupying the former headquarters of Harland & Wolff and adjacent to the slipways where the famous ship was built and launched, this hotel is guaranteed to immerse guests in the history of the luxury liner. 

The ambitious conversion project costing £28 million is being driven by Harcourt Developments who have worked in close connection with the Titanic Foundation and workers from Harland & Wolff to ensure the buildings heritage is preserved. The company's creative director John Doherty commented, "History and heritage helped build this hotel and it can be seen in every aspect of the finish, from the carpet to the cornices, radiators to tiling. We are working with the Heritage Lottery Fund and the Titanic Foundation to ensure Belfast's illustrious shipbuilding legacy is told in true style." 

Whether guests want to sip afternoon tea in the drawing rooms, use the office where Lord William James Pirrie made decisions for building, or relax on furniture made by the same carpenter for the ship, the Titanic Hotel promises to be an unforgettable experience. Set to open in mid-September, the 119-nautical themed rooms and seven suites are almost completely booked. This totally unique property is the perfect place for guests wanting to experience the luxuries, the service, and the grandeur of the Titanic. 

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