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Adams & Butler Blog

Restoring the balance of nature in the Scottish Highlands

Monday, 17 July 2017
Adams & Butler Blog

Alladale Wilderness Reserve’s 100 square kilometres of rugged mountains, forests, rivers, and lochs are located in the heart of the Scottish Highlands, just an hour drive north of Inverness. Alladale Wilderness Reserve provides an oasis of tranquillity in the heart of the Highlands, this quiet haven of traditional elegance and timeless style is the perfect place to relax and reconnect with nature.

In the Highlands, TENT (The European Nature Trust), in partnership with Alladale, focuses on environmental and educational projects including: the restoration of native forestry, the reintroduction of native wildlife, conservation research, youth education, and peatland restoration. TENT and the Alladale Wilderness Reserve are working to restore the native Highland ecosystem to its former glory.

Exceedingly comfortable, traditionally Scottish; with seven double bedrooms, the Alladale Lodge is the perfect Highlands home-away-from-home. Originally built as a sporting lodge, Alladale has maintained its traditional, yet sumptuous, style and comfort. This Victorian manor is a house for all seasons where guests can bask in comfort or enjoy a rich variety of outdoor pursuits before returning to a warm bath and roaring fire.

Guests can experience private tours of whiskey distilleries like Balblair and Dornoch, which offer the finest quality Vintage malt whiskey. Foodies can taste the finest foods made from the freshest ingredients in the Highlands including: stoneground flours and meals at Golspie Mill, artisan cheeses and ice creams by Black Isle Dairy, and artisan confections by Highland Patissier. Book your trip to the Scottish Highlands today and experience an amazing blend of culture, history, architecture, unparalleled scenery.