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Discover Secret Ireland

Rarely encountered hidden gems of Ireland

Undiscovered by commercial tourism, this is hidden Ireland at its best, touching the shores of Ireland's lake-lands. Gain exclusive access to a range of unique locations and extraordinary private properties, combined with a burst of genuine Irish hospitality as you meet the locals.

Arrive at the Famine Quay, once the busiest place for emigrants leaving Co. Clare, now a privately held pier. Meet our Famine historian and learn of life in times gone by. Living in an area rich in tillage and plethora of fresh fish from the River Shannon, many fail to understand how the Irish starved. Draw a breath as our Famine lady arrive to take the steamship and learn of her decision to risk crossing the Atlantic on the Coffin ships in the face of starvation. Sombre and disquiet, as reality bites.

From here we step back into present day, with exclusive access to the studios of local artists working in the area and taking their inspiration from the flora and fauna, undiscovered lakelands and patchwork landscapes. We will witness first hand the various and often unconventional medium worked through, such as molten bees wax, pigments, fire, hot glass and fabric, as our local creatives express their sentiments and talents.

We then cruise through “Ireland’s Amazon”, exploring the wildlife and biodiversity from a luxurious river cruiser. Get a glimpse of times past and gain an insight into Irish heritage, superstitions and folklore with our entrancing story-tellers. Step it out with a session of Sean Nos dancing, all working up your appetite for a 6 course whiskey infused menu at our private whiskey tower. Enjoy Oysters and Guinness in a private Lake Island Castle, or if you’re ripe for some alternative Irish gourmet cuisine, a tipple of Poteen and tasty black pudding. For the sweet of tooth, indulge with our local artisan chocolatier private demonstration. 

Finally, step onto the Irish bog, with our bog expert for a unique insight into this distinctive and ancient Irish wetland habitat. Learn of one of Ireland's most characteristic features, its formation, past uses and current day natural habitat. Our specialist is also a professional bog oak sculptor who uses 5,000 year old bog oak as his medium, restoring this dead oak with days, weeks and months of work to give is a new life in the creative arts. Informative, fun and a unique insight into this now protected landscape.

There is so much to uncover with an expert escort through the wilds of the spectacular Irish countryside.

For full details and bookings please contact us at: 

Email: sales@adamsandbutler.com


Tel: +353 1 2889355

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