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The Brando Resort

Onetahi, French Polynesia


Here’s an offer you can’t refuse: an exotic stay at The Brando. The former Polynesian home of Marlon Brando. The only true all inclusive luxury resort found within the islands of Tahiti, the eco-friendly Brando fuses carefree luxury with cutting edge technology.


Set within a bio diverse natural sanctuary, the resort offers naturalist-led tours and a professional-led photo safaris. You can learn Polynesian dance, how to play the ukulele or you can take part in the plentiful water sports. For family fun visit Mermaid beach where there is no coral, or if you want to see the colorful coral you can visit turtle beach for a memorable snorkeling adventure. 

Map co-ordinates: -17.022577, -149.595011


You will find thirty-five welcoming villas on private beaches each with plunge pools. Available in one, two and three bedroom configurations each villa is carefully designed to enhance the serenity of the natural surrounding. You can enjoy the comforts of your bedroom while also viewing the deep blue sea, or sunbathe on your private deck, or cool off in your outdoor bathtub. 

Blending into the lush vegetation, the spa is a hidden oasis at the end of a path through the tropical undergrowth. Here you will find holistic spa treatments inspired by the ancient traditions of the royal Polynesian families that once visited the island to relax and rejuvenate . 


•Peaceful Privacy
•Stunning natural scenery
•One, Two or Three bedroom villas
•Polynesian inspired holistic spa treatments 
•World class dining, with vegan options designed by renowned Chef Kelvin Au-Ieong 

At A Glimpse

Tetiaroa is a floating paradise. The Brando is a unique luxury resort on one of French Polynesia’s breathtakingly beautiful atolls. It sits on a small island, one of a ring that surrounds the spectacular three-mile wide lagoon. This island is exclusively available to the visiting guests.

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