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Visits with Earls and Dukes


The Irish aristocracy - a notoriously shy group of individuals - and the great houses in which their families have lived for generations stand for a privileged way of life that few can experience today.  

These are the Irish houses in which history was made, where the finest works of artists and craftsmen were collected and are still preserved and on display today.

Architecturally, these grand houses of the Irish aristocracy are often of great importance, ranging from medieval-style castles to grand manor houses. To this day it is still an elite and closed society into which outsiders are not generally invited.  

However, we at Adams & Butler have gained the trust of many members of the Irish nobility and can offer a wonderful tour that combines politics with P.G. Wodehouse, elegance with entertaining eccentricity and indulgence with education! 

Your guide for the tour will be a member of the Irish aristocracy and on your arrival in Dublin, he or she will be able to give you an introduction to the history of titles from ancient times to the present day, and through the paintings in the National Gallery of Ireland, create a picture of aristocratic life in Ireland, thus setting the scene for your grand tour.

Imagine having a chat over lunch with the Earl of Rosse or Countess Bernstorff? Or stopping off to have a glass of whiskey with the descendants of John Jameson, the founder of the famous Jameson whiskey brand. 

Along the way, you'll stay in the finest country houses and castle hotels, with time for golf, fishing, horse-riding, shopping and exploring charming towns and villages. You may even have the chance to get your own title! 

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