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Glitz & Glamour

Living the high life


This tour is specially designed for those who want to experience the new Ireland. Staying in boutique, designer hotels you will enjoy top service, luxurious surroundings and have great fun, enjoying the ‘craic’ that Ireland is known for but obviously, in a 5* kind of way!

We can arrange VIP passes to Dublin’s trendiest clubs and take you there in your own private chauffeur-driven limousine, sipping Champagne all the way. Or, you can just chill out in your 5* hotel’s uber-modern bar and enjoy some signature cocktails. 

The next day you can take a tour around the streets of Dublin in your own horse and carriage, stopping off to enjoy designer afternoon tea with handcrafted pastries, cakes and sandwiches and a glass of Champagne at one of the city’s top hotels. Then, try a completely 5* way of travelling by taking a private helicopter trip for a bird’s eye view of Dublin and the coast.  

As part of your glitz and glamour experience, you will want to look your best. So, we will arrange for you to have your hair and nails done at a top beauty salon in the city. Or maybe a full body massage or luxurious facial at a 5* city-centre spa before heading out for a four-course gourmet meal at a Michelin-starred restaurant. 

And then it’s time to shop. From top-class department stores to quirky boutiques and designer outlets, Dublin has plenty to offer the dedicated shopper. 

Your personal guide will be on hand to guide you to the smartest shops and introduce you to the owners, designers and managers of fashionable boutiques where you will find plenty of beautiful items to remind you of your visit to a very modern Ireland! 

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