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Hosting your event in Ireland


Why choose Adams & Butler for your incentive? Indeed, why choose Ireland?

Firstly, we have an excellent infrastructure to get your group into the country –a network of major airlines fly into Ireland from all over the world. 

Secondly, we have a huge range of quality accommodation and meeting facilities. Everything from a medieval castle to an ultra-modern hotel. 

And thirdly, and perhaps most importantly, we have extensive range of activities to keep your staff occupied. Activities that will motivate and stimulate, but that are also fun. Rock climbing, kayaking, horse-riding, and hiking, archery, golf, clay pigeon shooting, falconry, cookery lessons.And we can arrange authentic experiences. 

What about turf-cutting in an Irish bog, something that has been done in Ireland for many years. Or build a dry stone wall by hand, a skill that has been handed down by generations. Or if you and your group want to give something back, you can do some volunteer work, spend a day handing out food in a homeless shelter or maybe, sorting out clothes for a charity shop. We forgot to mention the friendliness of the Irish people, something that is always talked about by first-time visitors to Ireland. And a trait that makes visitors return to Ireland time and time again.And the scenery! Beautiful mountains, lush valleys, open bogland where you can see holy shrines, ancient ruins and monastic sites. 

Enjoy a delicious gala dinner in the banqueting hall of a castle, followed by a traditional Irish ceili (dance).Pull your own pint of Guinness, create your own Irish whiskey cocktail.Enjoy an exhilarating 4-wheel drive over the rugged Wicklow Mountains. Challenge your group and climb one of Ireland’s highest peaks.Play golf on one of the country’s most beautiful courses, take the famous Literary Pub Crawl around Dublin’s pubs or even visit a haunted mansion. We can put together the perfect incentive package for you. And provide the best beer, whiskey and food.

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