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Whiskey Tours

Capturing the spirit of the British Isles


Ireland and Scotland are famous not only for their spectacular scenery and friendly locals, but for their superb, high-quality whiskies and a specialised whiskey tour is a fabulous way to discover this popular spirit. 

Irish whiskey, also known as Uisce Beatha (Gaelic for ‘water of life’, a term coined by early Irish monks), has been produced since the 7th century and at the height of its popularity in the 18th century there were over 1000 distilleries on the island. 

This fizzled down to less than 25 legal distilleries over the next century and these days, they are revered and considered to be national treasures. And indeed, Irish whiskies such as Jameson, Bushmills and Midleton are famous throughout the world.

In Scotland, whisky (note that it’s spelt without an e) has been distilled since at least the 15th century, with the first record of it dating back to 1494.  Any whisky connoisseur will relish a visit to the island of Islay, where unlimited supplies of peat, lochs and rivers filled with pure soft water give a unique flavour to the 'Islay malts'. On Islay you can visit distilleries such as Ardbeg, Laphroaig and Lagavulin. 

With your own private driver guide, explore the whiskey trails of Ireland and Scotland taking in visits to the Old Jameson Distillery in Dublin, the Bushmills Distillery in Northern Ireland or the Oban Distillery in Scotland.

And of course, you can complement these fun and educational tours and tastings with a whiskey masterclass and plenty of samplings in traditional pubs.  Though our whiskey tours are created for connoisseurs, whiskey novices will quickly become experts! 

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