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St Lucia

Tropical Paradise


St. Lucia is an island located in the Eastern Caribbean, it is well known for its abundance of unspoiled rainforest, picture perfect beaches, and authentic culture. St Lucia is sure to dazzle all the senses. Its breath-taking scenery. divine cuisine, and everything in between will leave your mind, body and soul delighted and rejuvenated. 

Once the oldest and most famous cocoa plantation, Ladera Resort offers unique accommodations and is the ultimate place to take in all that St. Lucia has to offer. 


St. Lucia is a feast for the senses and you must indulge.

If you choose to go out, you can trek about the island on one of Ladera’s many tours that cover everything from horseback riding to hiking the Piton Mountains to an evening of sailing and snorkelling. 

During the day, take in the exquisite beauty that surrounds you with a hike to the waterfalls, zip lining through the trees, or taking a gondola ride up to the rainforest canopy. 

Explore the Caribbean Sea as you relax on a yacht. The yachting sector in St. Lucia is thriving and offers visitors an opportunity to experience St. Lucia from a whole other new perspective.

Treat yourself to the assortment of unique spa facilities that incorporate the island’s natural elements for an enhances and authentic experience. 

This tropical paradise must be shared.  Romance can be found all over the island, as you bask under the sun, swim in the Caribbean Sea, or take in the breath-taking sights. Whether discovering new love or re-sparking old love, enjoy a candlelight dinner on a secluded beach under the stars in with the picture perfect back drop. 


St. Lucia offers tropical weather, beautiful accommodations and unexpected adventure await all who travel to this beautiful paradise. Disconnect and unwind on the palm-fringed beaches, or be exhilarated on a zipline adventure through the rainforest, reconnect to nature as you search for waterfalls or sunbath on a yacht on the bay.

The island has a rich history that is a tightly woven blend of cultures from the Amerindian, African, British, French and Indian. This vibrant mixture offers a range of activities where you can truly immerse yourself. The creole culture is exciting and truly something to experience. 

St. Lucia is a romantic getaway with its superb resorts and intimate inns, it is a spot for relaxing and rejuvenation and it is a tropical rainforest ripe for exploration.


Disconnect from the real world and allow yourself to be swept away by this enchanted island. 
St. Lucia is a tropical paradise where you relinquish the stress of daily life in exchange for the simple and carefree island life. Here you are surrounded by nature’s spectacular playground- the majestic Piton mountains, crystal blue waters, untouched rainforest. In an atmosphere that only enhances relaxation you can choose how you do it: soak up the sun, get a massage, take a nap on the beach, or relax in your suite with comfort and luxury. Or, explore the island. 
Whether the avid explore or private holiday maker, St. Lucia is an oasis of personal indulgence . 
Everyone’s paradise is defined differently, the only thing that can be absolute is that you will find yours in St. Lucia.


Ladera is the place to go to indulge you senses as you relax in the beautifully crafted suites made of tropical hardwoods, stone and tile. Each suite is finished with locally crafted fixtures and accessories and features an open west side which leaves you with panoramic views of the stunning Piton Mountains and the crystal blue Caribbean Sea that can all be enjoyed from your private plunge pool. Begin each morning with a cup of coffee and a quick dip or wind down each night as you relax in your private pool with a view of the stars. 

Take a walk through the resorts very own botanical garden where you can learn about the local tropical plants, join the market tour where you can explore the local Saturday morning food market followed by a cooking class at the resort, or sail the bay.

As you embark on your island adventure, don’t forget the multitude of in-house services, from afternoon cooking demonstrations to live entertainment each night.  From the pool to the spa and mineral baths. 

Useful Info

Hurricane season runs from June to November, with September and October being the most likely months for big storms The best time to visit St. Lucia is from mid-December to April when the weather is usually at its best. With temperatures around this time averaging about 30 degrees Celsius during the day and 24 degrees Celsius during the night, St. Lucia is a great escape from the cold months of winter.  

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