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Yacht Cruise on the Douro

Private Cruise in the Douro region in 8 Days


Sail along the river Douro and its steep vineyards and explore the Douro Region in depth, in an intimate encounter with all the features that make it unique. Depart on this experience diving into the colour pallet that the Douro has to offer. Five days of this tour will be on a charming private boat in the Douro Valley with skipper and along the way you will stop at places of interest, have traditional meals and evidently Porto Wine tastings - the most famous wine of the region! To these five days we have added two more days, on arrival and departure, so you can get prepared for this adventure in Porto before it all begins and, of course, so that you can also get to know the capital of the North of Portugal.


Day 1 - Arrival in Porto and private transfer from Porto's airport to The Yeatman Hotel in the city centre. Widely regarded as one of the best hotels in Porto, The Yeatman Hotel is a luxury haven for wine lovers with the best views of Porto from every hotel room

Day 2 - Private transfer to Marina do Douro and embark on a private cruise. Lunch will be served on board. Navigate through the Douro River to Pinhão. Overnight stay on board.

Day 3 - Private Cruise from Pinhão to Barca D'Alva, which accommodates the large Douro cruisers which disgorge passengers for a quick souvenir hunt. Overnight stay on board.

Day 4 - Private Cruise to Senhora da Ribeira. Stop in Pocinho and transfer to Torre de Moncorvo to visit the place and to have a traditional lunch. During the afternoon visit the Archaeological Park of Vale do Côa and embark once again in Foz do Sabor. Then continue to the final destination of the day. Overnight on board.

Day 5 - Private Cruise to Pinhão. Lunch at a local restaurant followed by a visit to Casal de Loivos belvedere and a visit to Quinta do Panascal. Overnight on board.

Day 6 - Check-out of the river cruise and private transfer to Porto for the remainder of your trip.
On the way we suggest that you visit the famous wine estates and museums in the Douro. Leaving the cruise, the first visit will be to Quinta do Seixo, followed by the visit to the Douro Museum. Nearby you will find the Quinta da Pacheca, where you can enjoy a delicious lunch. In the afternoon continue to Porto, passing by Solar de Mateus in Vila Real. You will return to the beautiful Porto for 2 nights in The Yeatman.

Day 7 - Half day private tour of Porto with driver and tour guide. Free afternoon to explore the wonders of Porto. 

Day 8 - Hotel check-out and private transfer to Porto's airport to end your journey of Portugal.


The Douro is one of the major rivers of the Iberian Peninsula, flowing from its source near Duruelo de la Sierra in Soria Province across northern-central Spain and Portugal to its outlet at Porto. You will also stay in the coastal city of Porto.


The Douro Valley is a stunning and unspoilt part of the world, so undeveloped that it really is something very special. You also get to visit the city of Porto, offering wonderful architecture & stunning costal views.   


A perfect Douro river cruise for those who seek for moments of pure relaxation with one's partner or a small group of friends, enjoying the most beautiful wine landscapes with a glass of some of the best Portuguese wines in your hand. Aboard luxury boats with the charm of the 50's and 60's makes the perfect setting for your trip through the Douro.

Useful Info

The Douro region has UNESCO World Heritage Status, as one of the oldest demarcated wine growing regions in the world.

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