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Falling for South America


Argentina, a large latin american country located in the southern tip of south america is a beautiful country full of high mountains, low valleys, grassy plains, and stunning lakes and rivers. Known for its steak, tango and football, Argentina is a colorful and fascinating country with deep roots. A stay at La Bamba de Areco is the perfect way to immerse yourself in the traditions and heritage.   

At this 175 year old estancia, you will feel as if you have been transported to the colonial period as you will be surrounded in luxurious comfort and opulent grandeur. 


At La Bamba de Areco the only thing on the itinerary is relaxation. In this serene landscape away from distractions, you can choose your own activities each day. 

You may find yourself on a horseback or carriage ride along the scenic paths. Or watching a game of polo on the one of the two fields where the international team, of the same name, practices. You can witness either practice or a match almost everyday. 

If you want spa treatment, you can get a hot stone massage, relax in the pool or unwind in the private luxury of your suite. 

You can experience the gaucho lifestyle and culture. If you plan ahead you find yourself in the middle of La Semana de la Fiesta de la Tradición. Each November thousands of gauchos from all over Argentina come to San Antonio de Areco for the festival. During this festival you can truly immerse yourself in the culture and heritage of the gauchos.


La Bamba de Areco is 120 kilometers from Buenos Aires. There it sits in the middle of the pampas, which are the fertile low lying grasslands of Argentina. This picturesque scenery is a gentle and calm escape.

The estancia sits 13 kilometers from San Antonio de Areco, which is one of the oldest towns in Argentina. When you go to San Antonio de Areco, you will feel as if you have traveled in time back to the 18th century. The town is enchanting with its colonial charm. Designed with narrow streets, stunning churches, bars and museums it truly is a breathtaking sight. 


Here you will find a romantic atmosphere, undisturbed by televisions or phones. Disconnected from the modern world, this is where true peace can be achieved. 
In the quiet beauty of the surrounding landscape, you can unwind and relax. Bask in the colonial enchantment of the estancia, as you indulge. 

The greenery of the pampas will blanket you in serenity and the luxury of La Bamba will relax and rejuvenate you. You will be in encompassed in a natural beauty that will soothe your soul.

Here you can find tranquility and harmony with nature. Allow yourself to indulge in what La Bamba de Areco is offering, and alleviate your stresses to take in the  remedying effects of  beautiful natural landscape. 


La Bamba offers eleven rooms and suites, each is named after a famous polo horse, to choose from. Each one is immaculately decorated with dark wooden floors, antique colonial furniture, regional textiles and modern art combine to create luxurious style and elegant harmony. 

With expansive views of the park, pampas, or polo fields you can enjoy the scenery from your room’s shaded patio. 

More than the aesthetic, the rooms are outfitted with luxurious linens, towels and you will find contemporary hospitality throughout the resort. Here at the estancia, you will find not only old fashioned architecture, but also old fashioned opulence and grandeur.

Useful Info

Roughly falling from September to November, the Argentine spring is perfect just about everywhere, which is worth considering when deciding the best time to visit, although in the far south icy gales may blow. Summer, which is December through February, is the only time to climb the highest Andean peaks, such as Aconcagua, and also the most reliable time of year to head for Tierra del Fuego, though it can snow there any time of year. Buenos Aires is liable to be very hot and sticky in December and January, and you should certainly avoid the lowland parts of the North at this time of year, as temperatures can be scorching and roads flooded by heavy storms. 

Another thing to consider is the timing of your trip and La Semana de la Fiesta de la Tradición. The San Antonio de Areco region will be flooded with gauchos from all over the country so it's up to you to decide if this is something you want to experience or not. 

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