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Rugged Americana


Montana, also known by its nickname of ‘Big Sky Country’, is a state that conjures images of wide open land and majestic panoramas. Here you will find countless acres of untouched wilderness that serve as the ultimate playground for outdoor adventurers of every kind. The dramatic landscape is a collage of flat plains, towering mountains, glassy lakes and winding rivers all filled with abundant wildlife. Still essentially the same as when Lewis and Clark first drew its boundaries, Montana is one of the last frontiers where you can experience nature as it is meant to be. 

There are two luxury ranch resorts for you to choose from both on the western side of the state, the Triple Creek Ranch South of the Bitterroot Mountain range and the Ranch at Rock Creek. Both resorts have their  own special offerings to make your vacation exactly what you want it to be. 


Montana is a frontier state and it is meant to be explored. This is a destination for outdoor activities and both resorts offer a range of excursions for every interest and skill level. From nature safaris to horseback treks up the mountain, you can choose your own adventure each day.

You might find yourself peacefully floating down the river as you take in the scenery or you may choose to battle the white waters for an adrenaline rush either way you will find yourself  immersed in a deep natural beauty that will take you breath away. 

Or you can take in the true Montana experience by gearing up with chaps and hats to saddle a horse to take part in a cattle round up. In this wide open state anything is possible. 


Montana is on the North edge of the continental United States and borders Canada. The state is full of natural wonders, such as Glacier National park and the Bitterroot Mountain range. 

Montana was part of the western frontier in the early history of the United States, and was considered to be apart of the wild west where each man made himself. The state has a rich history, as it was the site of many conflicts between the new and expanding United States and the indigenous Native Americans. It is still home to many tribes. Eleven of the twelve tribes have federal recognition and still practice their beautiful rituals and traditions. 

Both resorts are on the western edge of the state and bordering Idaho. Today you can still experience that wilderness but from the comfort of your luxurious accommodations. 


The western frontier, Montana is a rugged outdoors spot that will leave you breathless and bewildered. Here you will be surrounded by natural wonders and a uniqueness found nowhere else.

Here you can explore hundreds of acres of unspoiled and unchanged natural landscape. You can find nature the way that it is meant to be and immerse yourself in the immensity of it. 

You can experience the cowboy lifestyle of the early frontier men or learn about the cultural heritage of the age old tribes. You will find a rich history and exhilarating tales of bravery, courage and survival.  


Triple Creek Ranch is an intimate luxury ranch resort designed for adults. It is nestled among the trees on the south side of Trapper mountain, where the resort beautifully merges plush comfort with the unmatched natural wonders and wilderness that surrounds it. Here you will find deluxe cabins that range in size from single rooms to giant ranch homes. Each is meticulously put together with the greatest attention paid to even the small detail. 

The Ranch at Rock Creek is family fun with activities that cater to everyone. The exquisitely decorated and furnished accommodations include suites in the main lodge to canvas cabins and luxury homes. Each day the resort organizes a broad range of tours and activities. Moreover, the ranch offers special activities at the Little Grizzlies Kids Club with daily excursions. Here trained staff members introduce kids to the frontier west in safe and exciting ways, which also allows parents the opportunity to take on some bigger adventures. 

Useful Info

Because of the natural beauty of the Montana and the uniqueness of its landscape any time of the year is a good time to go to Montana. But when it comes to choosing which time of the year YOU want to visit Montana, it is important to think of the activities you want to partake in. The seasons in Montana are vastly varied. Spring and autumn in Montana and moderate and cool, the summers are hot and the winters are freezing. Obviously these differences restrict the activities available throughout the year. The summer months are best for hiking and fishing while the winters are best for snow sports. Additionally Montana often has festivals or special events happening so it can be fun to plan around those as well.

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