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Sri Lanka

High Teas and Low Clouds


A small island nation in the pacific ocean, Sri Lanka is known for its pristine beaches, wild and untamed landscapes, delicious tea, and most importantly for its incredibly friendly people, who are known to have big smiles and big hearts.

Sri Lanka is filled with romantic landscapes: perfect beaches, rising mountains, and lush forests. With over 1600 km of palm-fringed coastline, Sri Lanka is the picture perfect place for sunbathing and relaxing. Known as the surfing capital of the world, Sri Lanka has numerous spots all around the island to catch great waves. The Island is also home to a rich ecosystem, as it is home to everything from the Asian elephant and the Blue Whale down to a plethora of amphibian species and birds. And once you venture to the interior of Sri Lanka, you will find hills clothes in tea plants, thick jungles and ancient temples all with a colorful history and stories to tell. 

With our six day Itinerary, you will experience the local traditions in Sri Lanka as well as take in the breath-taking sites. 


Duration six days:

Day 1: Once you arrive at the Bandaranaike International Airport, where you will be met by an escort to take you to the onward flight to Dickoya, where you will stay at the Tea Bungalow Resort in the panoramic tea region of the central Sri Lankan highlands. 

Day 2: After breakfast you will get a first hand experience with a resident tea planter to see the age old tea making process. It begins by trekking up old Ceylon where you will see how the planters would pick the best slopes to plant their tea, then you see the tea pluckers at work and afterward the factory where the tea is made. Finally you will to sample the different grades of the brew. 

Day 3: After breakfast you will board a flight for Weligama, which is on the scenic south coast of the island.  There you will be staying nestled in the natural slopes atop the striking headlands at the Cape Weligama Resort. Cape Weligama resort offers stunning views and creates the illusion of a Sri Lankan village. You have the rest of the day to indulge in the resorts services and facilities that range from pools, a spa offering a range of treatments, numerous choices for dining, and two adjacent beaches. If you want to get out and explore, the resort offers guided bike tours of the inland where you can see the sleepy villages, ancient temples, and hidden lagoons. Or get out on the water by kayaking, diving, whale and dolphin watching or taking a surfing lesson. 

Day 4: Today you embark on city tour of Galle Heritage city. This city is a UNESCO world heritage site, which was once the Fortress of Galle built by the Dutch and is still very well preserved.  Here the best of european architecture and South Asian traditions are blended together to create a stunning city scape which today is known for its plush boutique hotels, stylish stores, and atmospheric streets. The best way to experience the city is to walk through it, the tour takes about one hour. For the rest of the day you can explore the city, or return to the resort but in that evening indulge yourself in a 60 minute signature massage.

Day 5: A day to spend in leisure at Cape Weligama. You spend a day visiting the ancient temples, learning how to surf (if you don’t already), watching for dolphins and whales, snorkeling and diving, trekking through the vibrant jungle, or simply relaxing in the luxury of the resort. 

Day 6: Unfortunately our journey together has come to end. After breakfast today we drop you off at the airport to continue on with your own adventure.


Sri Lanka is a vibrant island teeming with life and vigor.  It is a tropical climate, that remains essentially the same all year round, therefore doesn’t really have any seasons. However, there is great diversity is climate from region to region. It has balmy beaches and luscious forests, it has high mountains and low valleys all with varied climates. Be prepared to experience the deep history of the country and culture and throw yourself into the experience. 


In Sri Lanka there is a rich culture with a long history and people with big smiles and big hearts. Here you will find centuries old traditions and ways of living. The landscape and the people have deep roots and there is much to discover. Immerse yourself in the beauty and history that surrounds you. 

Although a small island you will find that there is much to do and to see. The diverse geography will keep you on your toes, and you will find the landscape can completely change just by moving just 100 km in any direction.  The effervescent culture will keep your mind engaged with their beautiful traditions and fascinating history.


Your first accommodation, the Tea Bungalow Resort, is in the Ceylon tea region of the central highlands of Sri Lanka.

There are 4 unique bungalows each with their own style. There is Summerville with an air of a country cottage; the Castlereagh with an eclectic style of its own; Tientsin dressed in the style the colonial, one of the first planter’s residences to be built in Ceylon; and the more modern Norwood, full of 1950s’ character. Every bungalow comes with a pool and croquet lawn as well as secret gardens. 

You will wake up surrounded by low hanging clouds and with a cup of tea brought to you in bed. You can enjoy a morning stroll through the clouds as you take a look around the scenic estate before enjoying a Sri Lankan or English breakfast. 

At your second accommodation, the Cape Weligama Resort, you are treated to luxurious facilities and services. Here you can enjoy everything from spa treatments to world class dining. This is an oasis of comfort and indulgence. 

Useful Info

Sri Lanka experiences a complicated weather pattern.  It has two monsoon season that hit different parts of the country at opposite times of the year. The southwest monsoon, Yala, hits from about April to September with the wettest months being the earlier ones. And the northeast monsoon, Maha, arrives in November and lasts until about March, also with its wettest months being the beginning of the season. So although there are essentially monsoons all year round there will always be at least some part of the country experiencing good weather. What does stay constant is the temperature and the humidity. Being close to the equator, Sri Lanka has warm temperatures all year round with not much difference between summer and winter. The same with humidity, it's everywhere and it  fluctuates between 60-90 percent. 

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