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Rugged Americana


Utah, located in the wild west of the Unites States, is a rugged state sparsely populated yet full of adventure. This state is known for its vastness, where the endless deserts will leave you awestruck with their beauty and immensity while the romantic solitude of the space will leave you contemplative and reflective. The landscape is a work of art crafted by natural coincidence of the winding rivers.

Here, in the literal middle of nowhere, you will find the Amangiri resort tucked into the side of the canyon. The resort is nestled in the heart of the Grand Circle and is built as if formed with the canyon itself. The Amagiri personifies peace and tranquility while also serving as a hub for exploration and adventure.


what the day holds for you.

You can explore iconic locations like the Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon, Zion National Park, and Monument Valley. Experience the stark beauty of the canyons as you follow the ribbon of greenery woven through the landscape by the meandering rivers.

The next day you may find yourself in a hot air balloon, launched daily from the resort itself, or in a kayak on lake Powell as you explore the magnificent scenery around you.

Utah is a playground ripe for adventure, and there is an adventure waiting for every skill level and interest.


Amangiri sits in solitude in the open expanse of the Utah desert. From main departure points such as Phoenix, Arizona or Las Vegas, Nevada it takes about two and a half to four and a half hours of scenic driving to reach the resort. Page Municipal Airport is just 25 minutes away and complimentary transfers are provided for all guests.


Encompassed in solitude and quiet, Amangiri resort is an escape from the loud and the hectic.  You awake each morning surrounded by the vacant immensity do the Utah desert.  

Here there is a limitlessness. The horizon is limitless, the sky is limitless and what you can do is limitless. Each day holds new excursions and adventures that leave you with memories of a lifetime.

Here there is a richness. A richness of scenery in the diverse and unique scenery. A richness in the colorful culture of the Navajo people who survived and thrived in the desert without modern technology. 

Here there is a peace. Set away from cities and urban life, the solitude at Amangiri provides you with the opportunity to completely disconnect and unwind . Find peace in the spacious outdoors and serene quiet.

Here there is majesty. The landscape surrounding you is bold and unforgiving and in that there is majesty.


At the Amangiri resort, you become immersed in the landscape. Rather than molding nature, the Amangiri has found a way to follow nature and has fit itself into the the lines and spaces of the rock formation is neighbors. 

It is as spacious and minimalistic as the landscape it is placed in. The suites are designed with clean lines and built of natural materials. The stone floors, natural timbers and concrete walls mimic the surrounding landscape. Additionally each suite has an outdoor lounge, fireplace and expansive desert views. 

The resort serves as the hub of adventure through the tours it offers as well being near to iconic sites but it also offers opportunities to relax. 

At the end of a long day you can indulge in the resort spa where the techniques used, manifest the healing traditions of the Navajo, which is through the four elements. Spread across a sprawling 2,322 square metres, the spa has everything you need to relax and rejuvenate after a full day of adventuring and exploring. 

Useful Info

Temperatures vary quite a bit from morning to evening in the desert. In the spring and autumn is days are mild but nights can be cool. In the summer, the sun burns bright and hot in the desert with pleasant nights. And in the winter days are cool and crisp but nights are cold. Occasionally you can find snow here. Ultimately spring and autumn make the best times to visit. But no matter the time of year, pack a variety of clothing to be prepared for the spectrum of morning to evening temperatures. 

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