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Song Saa Private Island



Song Saa Private Island is a heaven of sustainable luxury nestled in the undiscovered beauty of Cambodia’s Koh Rong Archipelago. With unique, world-class cuisine, stunning sunset views of the Gulf of Thailand, and an array of spa and wellness treatments, Song Saa offers the ultimate indulgence for mind, body and soul. Best of all, their commitment to environmental and community programs means you’ll be treading lightly on this special piece of paradise.


Served with daily direct flight from Siem Reap and its Angkor temples, the Cambodian South coast is no longer a remote destination. Spanning two untouched islands whose names, in Khmer, translate to “The Sweethearts”, Song Saa Private Island was seemingly created for romance. 
Map co-ordinates: 10.757740, 103.263091


Establishing a new standard for luxury in Cambodia, this intimate all-inclusive resort comprises 27 Jungle, Ocean View, and Overwater Villas. Harmony, sustainability and world-class luxury are the core principles that underpin the design of Song Saa which includes energy efficient thatched roofing, sandstone reclaimed from the Villa foundation, recycled timber from disused fishing boats, furniture made from driftwood collected from local beaches and coves, and floors made from timber salvaged from old factories, warehouses and demolition yards around Cambodia and Thailand. This is complemented by bespoke hand-crafted furniture made by local artisans and artwork sourced from provincial markets or local artists.


•Jungle, Ocean View, and Overwater Villas
•Traditional Khmer cuisine is served modern style
•Practice yoga with the sunrise
•Join a marine biologist on a snorkelling safari
•Spa offers all-organic treatments 
•Sustainable luxury

At A Glimpse

A unique experience for guests through a celebration of the local environment, delightful offering of local culture, and first class luxury accommodations. Song Saa contributes meaningfully to conservation and communities, while never compromising on the exceptional standards expected of a high-end resort.

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