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Meet The Team

A brief insight to the people behind Adams & Butler

Siobhan  Website Pic

Siobhan Byrne Learat

Founder & CEO

Siobhan Byrne Learat has been in the tourism industry since 1989 when she became Director of Sales for a Victorian Hotel in Killiney - the Bel Air of Dublin and home to Bono of U2. She has an honours BA in Spanish & Arabic; post-graduate degrees in business, Arabic & Middle Eastern History; and a first-class MBA from the Smurfit Business School. After managing Active Ireland, a property development company, she set up Adams & Butler in 2002, the business plan for which was her MBA thesis. Adams & Butler is an upmarket tour operator specialising in customised vacations and private visits for wealthy and sophisticated clients, including many celebrities, to Ireland and Britain from long-haul markets – the US, Canada, Brazil, Australia, Mexico, Argentina, Chile Columbia and Russia. Her true passion is Africa, and with her Kenyan Samburu husband Kasao, she launched a new company Adams & Butler Africa designing tailor-made safaris featuring intimate owner-managed camps and lodges and authentic cultural and tribal experiences. Siobhan has also set up a charity the Nalepo Educational Fund to provide basic education to the Samburu children in Northern Kenya and to empower their mothers and other young women there with essential life skills. Siobhan lectures part-time in Entrepreneurship and Innovation and is the President of the Ireland US Alumni Association and a member of the Institute of Directors. She is currently studying towards Chartered Director status with the IoD, having completed the Certificate and Diploma last year. Siobhan speaks several languages and she loves to walk, hike, ski and horse-ride. She is happiest when in the bush with her husband’s tribe. She and her husband Kasao have seven sons between them.

Magda Tylek BB1269 pp

Magda Tylek

Senior Tours Executive

Magda has worked in tourism and travel all her life, first helping her mother run a travel agency, then running her own business. After she graduated from Journalism & Political Science, she wrote articles for several travel magazines and later she became a licensed tour leader and Blue Badge guide. Eleven years ago she came to Ireland from Poland for what was supposed to be a short visit. An Irish man stole her heart and Ireland has been her home ever since. In 2010, Magda graduated from the University of Limerick with a Post-Graduate Diploma in Project Management and joined Adams & Butler.


Egle Budina

Senior Sales Executive

Egle has nine years’ experience working in the travel and tourism industry. Over the last three years at Adams & Butler, she has acquired an in-depth knowledge of high-end, inbound travel into Ireland and the UK. In her spare time, Egle loves acting and is a fan of all types of the performing arts and music. Having originally studied Interior Architecture in London and Design & Innovation in Dublin, Egle now applies her skills to creating unique travel itineraries - making trips into works of art!


Juliana Simao

Tours Executive

Juliana is originally from the south of Brazil but she has been living in Dublin for eight years and was recently made an Irish citizen. She graduated in Tourism & Hospitality and then worked for several years in hotels in Brazil and Dublin. She has been working in Adams & Butler for almost two years and loves taking care of our Latin American clients.

Gio New

Giovana Polla

Tours Executive

Giovana is originally from Brazil, but has also lived in Canada, Argentina, Scotland and now Ireland. She studied Hospitality and Tourism in Brazil before achieving her MBA at Queen Margaret University in Scotland. She worked in the industry for ten years before joining Adams & Butler. Her area of expertise is Scotland and she loves coming up with itineraries that showcase its spectacular beauty. When Giovana was 16, she made a list of 50 countries she wanted to visit before she turned 50. She’s been to 36 so far!

Sylvie Picture bw

Sylvie Virapin

Senior Tours Consultant

Sylvie is from Reunion Island, where French is the official language, but Sylvie also speaks creole with her family. She first started working with Siobhán at A&B as a student 11 years ago - her very first job. She left a few years ago and went travelling to Australia and Thailand, went back home to work for a travel agency and had the opportunity to travel to a some wonderful destinations: New Caledonia, Australia, South Africa, India, the Seychelles, Mauritius. Sylvie has also visited Mexico, St Lucia, Europe (France, Germany, Spain) and Morocco. She loves to travel and explore the food of different regions, as well as wine and chocolate! Sylvie is an expert on the very best places to visit in Ireland. Her favourite place is definitely Donegal. A perfect holiday for Sylvie is to rent a car and just drive around, meet people & enjoy local food

rsz rachel herman

Rachel Herman

Accounts Executive

Rachel is from Terenure in Dublin and has been working in Adams & Butler for the last two years. Rachel is our accounts person and before she worked in Adams & Butler, she worked in her family’s auctioneering business. She’s lived and worked in Canada and Australia and loves spending time in the sun with her friends and family. When she’s not working, she likes to jump out of planes and eat toast.

David Picture

David Connaughton

Business Development

David is passionate about travel! He has been to America and Asia, not to mention – many European cities. David is looking forward to exploring South America and learning some Español. David tends to be real specific when it comes to talking about spicy food. A true foodie! At the moment David is studying for a Masters Degree in Business Development and has solid background in IT.

max picture edit

Max Jeffcock-Schwartz

Tours Executive Intern

Max was born in Philadelphia, the City of Brotherly Love. Shortly after his 5th birthday, he subsequently moved with his parents and two younger sisters, to County Kilkenny. Thus, our Tours Executive intern is a dual-citizen of America and Ireland. Max tries to make it back to his homeland at least once a year. He was a boarder for 6 years in Kilkenny College; after his studies there, he moved to Dublin in 2012 to begin his independent life. A barrow boy through and through, Max is a Business and Entrepreneurship student in his penultimate year of study at IADT, Dun Laoghaire. His hobbies include reading, long-distance hiking and sauna-ing.


Eileen Cordero

Tours Executive

Eileen is originally from Venezuela. At the age of 18 she moved with her parents to Italy, where while studying languages she started nurturing her passion for foreign languages and cultures. She’s been working in tourism since then and recently she decided to settle in Dublin after working for several years on board of cruise ships. She’s passionate about traveling and her dream is going on a camper tour throughout all North America and Canada.

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