Sustainability Policy - Adams & Butler

Sustainability Policy

Adams & Butler designs itineraries for our clients that others simply cannot, whether around a theme, a private experience or meeting people who are not normally accessible to the public such as local heroes, farmers, sole traders, tribesmen, sports people, politicians, the aristocracy, authors and specialists in their field.  We do stuff that is unique and not the usual, taking footfall away from over-visited sites to lesser-known gems, enabling smaller local communities and businesses to survive and thrive.  In Ireland alone, we have over 500 one-man and one-woman micro companies as suppliers.  By doing business with these micro-entrepreneurs, they can continue to live in their rural communities, their children can attend schools there, and the schools can stay open.  We also always use independent driver guides and guides based locally as much as possible.

For example – We were delighted to host the Choctaw Nation when they consecrated the famine monument in Midleton.  As part of their itinerary we arranged for them to meet and break bread with the local traveller (Irish native gypsy romany) community at Pavee Point.

Our access to local experts worldwide, knowledge and our commitment to supporting local, ensures an authentic culture, travel and people experience where clients not only see and do, but also feel and engage.  Our clients engaging with real people is paramount for us.

Our mission is to offer a seamless travel experience to our clients based on our values of integrity, trust, creativity and value for money.  Underpinning this, is a commitment to safeguarding our planet for future generations.

Whether it is sharing a ride on the back of a tractor to a traditional oyster farm, climbing to the top of Slieve League, knitting with the local women in the Scottish isle of Harris, or spending the night with a nomadic tribe in Africa, we believe that Adams & Butler opens up a realm of interesting dispersed cultural and natural heritage options for our clients.  A lot of what we do is unique and it is our particular patronage and support which allows many of these micro-endeavors and thus communities to survive and flourish.

Our greatest joy is that our partners are now as enthusiastic as we are, in creating novel and appealing opportunities for our clients to share the joys of our culture and heritage, so that when they return home they believe that they have truly travelled within Ireland, Britain and Africa and not just visited.  Perhaps the best compliment we were paid by a client was ‘I arrived a tourist and I returned a traveller’.