Four Seasons Casa Medina - Adams & Butler

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Features & Services

  • Bar/Lounge & Restaurant
  • Spa & Sauna
  • Fitness Center & Gym
  • Outdoor Fireplace

Well-heeled foodies zone in on Bogotá’s Zona G and the Four Seasons Hotel Casa Medina. This district north of downtown hosts the capital’s finest restaurants (the “G” is for gastronomy), including the 62-room hotel’s Castanyoles Mediterranean restaurant and bar, with Spanish tile floors, street-side terrace, and striking glass atrium. The building itself is worth devouring; declared a cultural monument, its stoned columns, brick walls, beamed ceilings, and contemporary furnishings make for a polished respite. Skin gets a healthy glow from green coffee wraps and paradise spa treatments inspired by local exotic ingredients.

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