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Tribes of Africa

Posted by Byrne Afoullouss,

26th March 2021

Come and learn the rich and colourful traditions of some of our favorite tribes to visit in Africa. We explored all the tribes from Berbers in North Africa to The Samburu Tribe in Kenya!

We love featuring these wonderful and different tribes that make Africa so unique and truly a life changing trip for so many of our travelers. Our travelers relish the connection they make with the tribes. No matter what your background is, you can see how your ancestors would have been living their life in a very similar way to these African tribes. How every member of the tribe has their part to play in ensuring the livelihood of their family and friends within the tribe.

Adams &  Butler can get you that true hidden access into these amazing tribes all over Africa. You can experience the warmth and a sense of community that is strong within the tribes. You can even help out the tribe with doing some daily chores of collecting water or bringing the cattle out to graze while being accompanied by the children of the tribesmen. Then as the sun sets, you will dine with the tribe following their cultural traditions. For example, if you are staying with the Samburu Tribe, it is custom for the men to only eat with other males and likewise for the females.

If you were to visit the Berbers in Riff or Atlas Mountains, you would also help out with bringing the goats and lambs out to graze in the morning. Something travelers frequently notice while staying with the Berbers is that they are amazing hosts but also, they put a great value on all things to do with art. They are true masters of hand crafting everything from rugs to traditional tagines which is a cooking vessel that allows food to be cooked for a few hours, which results in a flavour packed stew. Berbers also have a huge tradition of facial tattoos, especially on the women of the tribe. The rich history that is associated with the Berbers in Morocco has made the tribe a very well respected and appreciated to the locals of Morocco who wouldn’t have much contact with the semi-nomad Berber tribe.

If you would like us to create the perfect African escape for you to experience everything that makes Africa a trip that you will never forget nor regret. You can visit The San Tribe which considered the oldest tribe in Africa or travel up North to visit the Berbers who originally inhabited North Africa before the arrival of the Arabs.

Everyone at Adams & Butler understands and values the importance of sustaining the livelihoods of these captivating tribes and their people.

You can find some links to our fantastic and fully adaptable itineraries for Africa below.

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