Dogsledding through Swedish Lapland - Travel Experience

Dogsledding through Swedish Lapland

5 days - Extended adventure tour through Swedish Wilderness


  • Wilderness sauna or explore the beautiful nearby lake
  • Head out on the pristine trails of Swedish Lapland
  • Dogsledding through true wilderness in the pine forests
  • Meet Petter Karlsson on the first night's dinner in the guest house where he will talk about his dogs and his great adventures
  • 2 nights in comfortable and well equipped cabins with WC, hot water shower, sauna and electricity. Shared twin rooms.
  • 2 nights in shared basic wilderness hut accommodation in a beautiful location in a nature reserve, comfortable and well equipped, without electric power and running water. It has no WC but, instead, an outhouse.

Umeå, Sweden

Dogsledding Adventure

Experience Overview

Get ready for the ultimate winter experience as you learn how to care for and drive your own team of Alaskan huskies through the beautiful Swedish Lapland, Kirjesålandet Nature Reserve. This reserve is part of the Vindelfjällens Nature Reserve which covers 5500 square kilometres of astounding nature and is the largest Nature reserve in Europe.

Days driving your sled through pristine snowy landscapes, nights in a wilderness cabin, enjoying dinner by the fire and life under the stars, what could be better!

These tours are all limited to a maximum of 4 guests, which allows you to enjoy a cosy atmosphere and means the guides can give each person any guidance and help they need.

Sample Itinerary

Day 1


Arrive Arvidsjaur and transfer to your guesthouse. Sauna or explore the beautiful nearby lake

Arrive Arvidsjaur and catch the Sorsele flight taxi, from the airport to Sorsele (one hour). From there, your hosts will pick you up and transfer you to the guesthouse in Slussfors. The total transfer time is aprox 2,5h. The taxi and transfer is included in the price.

The first stop on our kennel tour is to meet some of our many proven champions and future
stars in the dog yard. The kennel has a very special atmosphere. These dogs are superheroes, they are truly special athletes, and we make sure we treat them like that every day.

On either the first or the last night you will be joined for dinner by 2-time Finnmarksløpet champion Petter Karlsson. This is a unique opportunity to learn what it’s like to reach the peak of performance in one of the world’s most uniquely challenging sports. Imagine how it feels to run with your team through 1200 km of the world’s harshest landscapes in only one week. Petter will be glad to share with you some special qualities of the dogs in your own team!

After dinner you’re welcome to relax in the sauna or chill out in our cosy living room, and get ready for the adventure ahead!

Day 2

Swedish Lapland

Head out on the pristine trails of Swedish Lapland.

Every morning starts with a hearty breakfast together, and preparation for the day to come. With assistance from your guide you will harness your own dogs and make them ready to start.

A quick check to be sure you have everything you need and then it’s time to hit the trail! Over 30km of pristine trails are our playground on this first day. In the afternoon you arrive at your first wilderness cabin, Flottarkoja, which sits beside a beautiful stretch of fast running river. Between the forests and the mountains, with open water all year round, this is a hidden gem of peace and tranquility.

Every afternoon when you arrive at a new cabin, together with your guide, you will take care of and feed the dogs together. After that you will share a traditional swedish evening meal. On the first day this will be moose and potatoes fried on a traditional outdoor muurikka.

Day 3

Swedish Lapland

Dogsledding through true wilderness in the pine forests…then a wilderness sauna.

Today you travel through magical mountain landscapes. Along the trail you will see the natural magic created by the arctic weather, like pine forests covered by so much snow that they look more like giant snow sculptures than trees.

This part of Lapland is rarely seen by humans and you easily get the feeling that you been transported into a fairy tale world.

In the afternoon you arrive at the next cosy wilderness cabin. After chores and a hearty dinner, guests have the opportunity to unwind in the wilderness sauna.

Day 4

Swedish Lapland

Enjoy spending time with your husky friends on this epic adventure.

The more time you spend with the dogs, the better you get to know them and you’ll start to discover their different personalities.

The surrounding nature will astound you anew with different views every day. On your last day on the sled you will travel through ancient spruce forest on the way back home to the husky camp in Slussfors.

After some time to wash and relax it’s dinner time – your guide will come and serve a delicious meal while you all swap stories and reminisce about the adventures you have shared.

Day 5


Return to Umeå and depart.

On the final day, you will transfer to Umeå – arriving at 4pm.




Swedish Lapland


Swedish Lapland


Swedish Lapland



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