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Gourmet Ireland

Unique culinary experiences


Ireland has a rich and unique cuisine. Whiskey, beer, seafood, venison, beef and lamb are all shaped by Ireland’s natural environment and our gourmet tours are designed to get you in touch with the raw ingredients. 

Travelling around Ireland, you will meet local artisan producers, growers and farmers who produce their food and livestock organically and you’ll also get to taste the finished product.  

Irish stew and Irish soda bread are known throughout the world but on this tour, you will also learn about more obscure Irish dishes such as colcannon, Dublin coddle and Barmbrack. And you’ll certainly get to try Ireland’s famous black pudding at least once, for breakfast! 

You’ll visit a farmer’s market, an organic vegetable grower, a Victorian fruit and vegetable market in Dublin, meet a top Irish chef and learn their secrets, visit a local cheese maker in west Cork and do a cookery course to learn more about Ireland’s cuisine. 

You will visit the famous Midleton whiskey distillery in Cork, have a tour and lunch at Ballymaloe Cookery School in Cork and visit the Lisdoonvarna smoke house in Connemara where you’ll sample smoked salmon, eel and mackerel and also a local brewery in Co Clare. 

And how about spending time with a Galway fishmonger and trying some Galway Bay oysters? 

And of course along the way, you will dine at some of the country’s top restaurants, do wine tastings and stay in Kinsale, the gourmet capital of Ireland. 

This tour is designed to give you a real flavour of Ireland.

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