Culinary Wonders of Colombia - Travel Experience

Culinary Wonders of Colombia

Explore the highlights of Colombia while tasting all its flavours


  • Bogota City Tour with Monserrate Hill & Local Market + Lunch
  • Aguardiente "Firewater" Tasting Experience
  • Coffee tasting at the Coffee Triangle
  • Private cooking class of Medellin traditional dishes
  • Rum & Chocolate tasting
  • Tropical rhythms dance lesson

Bogota, The coffee Triangle, Medellin, Cartagena

Experience overview

Immerse yourself in the aromas and flavours of Colombia, to take in all its wonders in an alternative and untraditional way. This culinary adventure features authentic food experiences with different delicious tastings. You will get to escape the crowds and taste the best of what Colombia has to offer. Along the way, you will learn about the country’s traditions while your guide will share with you stories and insights into Colombia culture and history. This program has been designed for those travellers who want to vibrate with the mixture of Colombian culture, the happiness of their people, and the different flavours that will make you live an authentic gastronomic experience.

Sample itinerary

Day 1


Upon arrival at the International Airport El Dorado, you will be met by our representative for a private airport transfer to your hotel where you can spend the rest of the day to unwind, relax and acclimatize.

Day 2


Jour journey starts with an early morning visit to the Paloquemao’s Market. This is one of the largest of the country; here you will find a large variety of flowers, exotic fruits, vegetables, meat, seafood, cheese, medicinal herbs as well as typical food- a great opportunity to live a unique cultural experience, tasting some exotic fruits and enjoying a small snack during the visit.

Continue to visit the historical heart of Bogotá, La Candelaria, and its splendid colonial architecture.  Enjoy a stroll around Plaza de Bolivar, Bogotá’s main square, flanked by prominent colonial and Republican-era landmarks like the Cathedral, the Congress Palace, the Cardinal’s Palace, the colonial churches of El Sagrario and San Agustin, the Independence House, the Palace of Justice and the City Hall.  After La Candelaria, head east to Monserrate Hill, for exceptional panoramic views of Bogotá. Continue to visit Bogotá’s Gold Museum, the world’s largest collections of pre-Columbian gold, and a must-see when traveling to Colombia.
Conclude your day with a private “Firewater” – Aguardiente Tasting experience.

Aguardiente is a very traditional Colombian spirit. Today’s tasting wil be led by an expert sommelier, who will guide you through the best aguardientes in Colombia, distinguishing flavours, tones and aromas. The tasting includes small bites and end with a typical cocktail.

Day 3

Tamales cooking class

You will start your day by taing in all the falvours of Bogotá with a private Tamales cooking class.

Eat like “cachaco” as you “Do It Yourself” discovering the flavors and aromas that identify the capital of Colombia in a step-by-step class for local food lovers. In class, you will learn to prepare a recipe of traditional Bogota cuisine and to recognize each of the ingredients that are part of the preparation. Prepare each dish using the traditional techniques and methods that they require. Connect with the city, its lifestyle and local traditions.

You will then be taken by your driver to the airport, to catch a short flight directed to the Coffee Triangle.

The Coffee Triangle is a perfect name for the “Zona Cafetera”, Colombia’s principal coffee-growing area. Shaped like an inverted triangle, this region is formed by the three departments of Caldas, Quindío and Risaralda. Its spectacular natural beauty, makes it one of the most beautiful destinations to visit combining lush green valleys, exotic wildlife and balmy climate. This is the perfect place to unwind and relax, while you sit back and enjoy the freshest coffee you’ll ever taste.

Upon arrival you will be met by our representative and will be taken to your hotel.

Day 4

Fondas Tour

Join us for a visit to the traditional village of Filandia, where you will enjoy a tour around the small town. You will visit main attractions like the Plaza de Bolívar, the colonial streets and houses as well as the typical “fondas” (restaurant-bars) for a taste of the local liquor of the region. Next visit Quindío’s Viewpoint for an amazing view of the Coffee Triangle.

Continue with a visit to the beautiful Cocora Valley located in the department of Quindío. This majestic valley is home to the wax palm, Colombia’s national tree and the tallest variety of palm tree in the world. These palms can measure up to 190 feet tall and live more than 120 years. Be amazed by the natural beauty and diversity of fauna and flora that you will encounter throughout the valley. Once you arrive, you will be welcomed with a typical cocktail called “canelazo”. Afterwards you will visit the misty forest where our guide will explain to you the importance of protecting and conserving this beautiful ecosystem. It is a great opportunity to take some pictures.

The tour continues with the “Ritual de la Palma”, a way to help preserve the wax palms. Visitors from all around the world have helped plant future wax palms at the park, you will also be able to grow your own palm tree for eternity.

Next you will visit the town of Salento. Founded in 1842, Salento was one of the first settlements in the Quindío state and still today it preserves its colonial bahareque architecture. Salento’s centuries buildings are awash in harmonious color, especially along Calle Real, the main street lined end to end with restaurants, bars, handicrafts shops and souvenir stores.

Day 5

Coffee Plantations

About an hour outside of Armenia lies the town of Buenavista, the smallest municipality in Colombia. There, up in the hills you will find a premium coffee producer: Hacienda San Alberto. San Alberto has been producing coffee since the early 1970’s, so it came as no surprise when they decided to open their doors to the public and share this experience with the coffee lovers around the world.

Tour around the beautiful Hacienda San Alberto and learn all about the coffee process from start to finish. You will get familiarized with the coffee bean germination process, visit the coffee nursery, walk around the coffee plantations and visit the processing plant. Afterwards we invite you to participate in an incredible experience that will awaken all your senses: a coffee tasting accompanied by our experts. A sip of coffee will never be the same again, you will learn to identify the characteristics and qualities that are present in a good cup of coffee.

Day 6

Typical Dishes

Our guide will meet you at the lobby of the hotel and will take you to the airport, where you will catch your flight directed to Medellin.

Upon arrival at José María Córdova International Airport, you will be greeted by our guide and transferred to your selected hotel.

This afternoon, you will challenge yourselves with another culinary experience. You will learn how to prepare “Empanadas”, “Buñuelos”, “Sancocho Criollo” or the famous “Bandeja Paisa” in a charming kitchen with a professional chef. Experience private classes in one of the best cooking schools of Medellín.

Day 7


Get an insight into the history of the city visiting the “Pueblito Paisa” and enjoy perfect views over the city. Explore the famous Botero Plaza with an exhibition of the Colombian artist Fernando Botero, whose sculptures have become a landmark of the city. Take the Metro Cable up to Santo Domingo, which was once a notorious area of gang violence in Medellín. The cable car was constructed to make the inner city more accessible to people from the outskirts, and allows visitors a glimpse into the lives of the marginalized population. In the Comuna 13 district with its unique Electric Escalators you will observe another innovative project that improved the life quality of the people of Medellín.

One of the most traditional nightlife experiences in the valley of Medellín is a visit of the “Fondas” – local bars with exotic decoration and typical Colombian music, located in the suburbs of the city. The decoration of common artefacts, traditional appliances, paintings and religious icons reflects the cultural heritage of the so-called Paisa Culture. Back in the days the “Fondas” were traditional shops throughout the Andean mountains around Medellín where the farmer stopped to take a break with their mules and horses to enjoy the typical “Aguardiente” liquor. Nowadays the “Fonda” is a very popular place for entertainment of the locals. This tour takes you to several local “Fondas” where you try traditional food and drinks while listening to typical Colombian music.

Day 8


Our guide will meet you at the lobby of your hotel on time to transfer you to José María Córdova International Airport., where you will catch your flight directed to Cartagena.

Upon arriva, you will be met by our representative and will be taken to your hotel.
We invite you to enjoy this delicious and colorful experience where you will be able to taste some of the local flavors of the city and learn about its culture. This walking tour through the inner walled section of the colonial city will let you experience Cartagena like a local resident in a neighborhood where people live, eat and shop.

This experience takes you to discover different sites and people from the colonial city, with whom the local residents relate on a daily basis as they pass by and stop for breakfast, lunch, dinner or typical snacks.

Featuring authentic food stops with different delicious tastings, you get to escape the crowds and taste the best of what the city has to offer.

Day 9

Rum & Chocolate tasting

The day begins with a visit to the “Convento de la Popa”, where the city’s highest point is located and you can enjoy the best view of the beautiful city of Cartagena. This convent was built in the 17th century by the Augustinian Monks. Initially it was just a small wooden chapel, but later it was replaced by a strong construction which still remains.
Continue with a visit to the “Castillo de San Felipe”. This castle was built by the Spaniards in the 1600s and it is the greatest and strongest fortress ever built in a Spanish colony. Located at the top of San Lázaro hill, its purpose was to protect and guard the city’s landward side from any attack or invasion. This fortress provides a complex system of tunnels connected with strategic points to distribute provisions and facilitate a possible evacuation. Additionally, the tunnel’s architecture was built so that any noise would echo along them, in order to make internal communications easier and hear even the slightest sound of the enemies approaching.
Afterwards, a walk through “Las Bóvedas” is included. These 23 vaults were built in the 18th century and they are considered the last major colonial construction made within the city walls for military purposes.

Conclude your day with a private Rum & Chocolate tasting.

The specialized Colombian Rum & Chocolate Tasting is the most popular experience at El Arsenal. Each grade of rum and chocolate are carefully selected, and paired, to give the client a unique sensory experience.

The spectrum of rum and chocolate spans the coastal and mountainous regions of Colombia; from the smallest artisanal houses to the largest producers. Each guest not only leaves having experienced the diversity of Colombian rum; they take with them a deeper understanding of Colombia’s history.

Day 10

Tropical Rhythms

Today, you will experience a mix of music and gastronomy. Transfer from the hotel to the first stop of the tour where we will take dance lessons of tropical rhythms. Then, transfer to a local restaurant for a tasting of a two-step menu. Finally, we will finish at a local bar to practice what we have learned.

Day 11


Our guide will meet you at the lobby of the hotel and will take you to the Rafael Núñez Airport. Departure.






Tamales cooking class


Fondas Tour


Coffee Plantations


Typical Dishes






Rum & Chocolate tasting

DAY 10

Tropical Rhythms

DAY 11


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