Natural Adventure in Colombia - Travel Experience

Natural Adventure in Colombia

Enjoy a mix of the Colombian highlights with a focus on natural landscapes and adventure experiences.


  • Tour of Bogota
  • Chingaza National Park excursion
  • Explore the Coffee Triangle
  • Santa Marta city tour
  • Tour of Arrecifes sector at the Tayrona National Park.

Bogota, Coffee Triangle, Santa Marta

Experience overview

Colombia offers a myriad of experiences for the visitor to encounter. Adams & Butler has created this Trekking adventure in Colombia that introduces you to some of its natural wonders, where the road end and the adventure begins. You will venture in search of sublime vistas, mountain villages and natural bliss, to return home with unexpected treasures and memories.

Sample itinerary

Day 1


Upon arrival at the International Airport El Dorado, you will be met by our representative and will be taken to your hotel. Take the rest of the day to unwind, relax and acclimatize.

Day 2


The tour starts with an early morning visit to the Paloquemao’s Market. This is one of the largest of the country; here you will find a large variety of flowers, exotic fruits, vegetables, meat, seafood, cheese, medicinal herbs as well as typical food- a great opportunity to live a unique cultural experience, tasting some exotic fruits and enjoying a small snack during the visit.

Continue to visit the historical heart of Bogotá, La Candelaria, and its splendid colonial architecture.  Enjoy a stroll around Plaza de Bolivar, Bogotá’s main square, flanked by prominent colonial and Republican-era landmarks like the Cathedral, the Congress Palace, the Cardinal’s Palace, the colonial churches of El Sagrario and San Agustin, the Independence House, the Palace of Justice and the City Hall.  After La Candelaria, head east to Monserrate Hill, for exceptional panoramic views of Bogotá. Continue to visit Bogotá’s Gold Museum, the world’s largest collections of pre-Columbian gold, and a must-see when traveling to Colombia.

The tour ends with a visit to Botero’s Museum. The works on display are all donated by Fernando Botero, Colombia’s most famous contemporary artist. His work is well-known for large, exaggeratedly voluminous figures.  In addition to his work, his art collection is also exhibited.

Day 3


Chingaza National park is located near Bogotá and it is one of the most beautiful places for nature lovers just about 60 km from the city. Most of the Chingaza territory possesses a paramo ecosystem that can only be seen in Colombia, above 3.000m. Chingaza is the habitat for Andean Bear called “Oso de Anteojos”, it is very common to see white-tail deers during the trecks.

We will depart from Bogotá at 6:30 am. It will take at least 1,5 hours to reach the park entrance. After the registration procedure, we will continue towards the refugee called Monteredondo. In this region, it is common to see the deer. Later, we will continue to the heart of Chingaza Park: Laguna de Chingaza.

We may choose from the different trails available depending on the explorer’s physical condition, the date and time we visit, and the season as some trails are opened or closed depending on the season.

Day 4

The Coffee Triangle

Our guide will meet you at the lobby of the hotel and will take you to the International Airport El Dorado or Puente Aéreo (depending on your flight). We will assist you at the airport during the check-in at the airline counter to help you connect to Pereira, your next destination.

The Coffee Triangle is a perfect name for the “Zona Cafetera”, Colombia’s principal coffee-growing area. Shaped like an inverted triangle, this region is formed by the three departments of Caldas, Quindío and Risaralda. Its spectacular natural beauty, makes it one of the most beautiful destinations to visit combining lush green valleys, exotic wildlife and balmy climate. This is the perfect place to unwind and relax, while you sit back and enjoy the freshest coffee you’ll ever taste.

Upon arrival you will be met by our representative and will be taken to your hotel. Our guide will assist you at the hotel with the registration procedures (check-in).

Day 5

Misty Forests and Palms

Join us for a visit to the traditional village of Filandia, where you will enjoy a tour around the small town. You will visit main attractions like the Plaza de Bolívar, the colonial streets and houses as well as the typical “fondas” (restaurant-bars) for a taste of the local liquor of the region. Next visit Quindío’s Viewpoint for an amazing view of the Coffee Triangle.

Continue with a visit to the beautiful Cocora Valley located in the department of Quindío. This majestic valley is home to the wax palm, Colombia’s national tree and the tallest variety of palm tree in the world. These palms can measure up to 190 feet tall and live more than 120 years. Be amazed by the natural beauty and diversity of fauna and flora that you will encounter throughout the valley. Once you arrive, you will be welcomed with a typical cocktail called “canelazo”.Afterwards you will visit the misty forest where our guide will explain to you the importance of protecting and conserving this beautiful ecosystem. It is a great opportunity to take some pictures.

The tour continues with the “Ritual de la Palma”, a way to help preserve the wax palms. Visitors from all around the world have helped plant future wax palms at the park, you will also be able to grow your own palm tree for eternity.

Next you will visit the town of Salento. Founded in 1842, Salento was one of the first settlements in the Quindío state and still today it preserves its colonial bahareque architecture. Salento’s centuries buildings are awash in harmonious color, especially along Calle Real, the main street lined end to end with restaurants, bars, handicrafts shops and souvenir stores.

Day 6


Early in the morning, we will pick you up at your hotel and take you to Río Blanco, a natural reserve located 3 miles away from Manizales. This forest reserve is considered as one of the best birding sites of the country and it is owned and protected by the water company of Manizales.

At arrival you will visit the “Casa de Colibries”, named for the 23 species of hummingbirds that whir around the feeders placed at the reserve. You will be able to observe different species of hummingbirds and then enjoy an ecological hike with our expert guide who will assist you throughout the day. During the hike you will be able to observe different migratory birds as well as endemic bird species.

Day 7

Santa Marta

Our guide will meet you at the lobby of the hotel and will take you to the airport. We will assist you during the check-in at the airline counter to help you connect to Santa Marta, your next destination.

The city of Santa Marta was founded in 1525 as the first Spanish settlement in South America.  This beautiful city offers great views of the bay and the peaks of Sierra Nevada, its calm waters offer great opportunities to dive along the magnificent coral reefs.  A visit to the historic center is necessary when coming to this city, its cathedral is considered to be the oldest in South America.  The weather also invites its visitors to eat and drink al fresco either in one of the many outdoor restaurants facing the sea, in a café or a bar. It is also home to the impressive Tayrona National Park, which is one of Colombia’s most renowned natural treasures, lies at the Caribbean coast near to Santa Marta

Day 8


Santa Marta history dates back to pre-Columbian indigenous communities that inhabited the area of ​​the Sierra Nevada: the Tayrona people, renowned for its shopping and goldsmithing skills were the largest group in this region during the period when they inhabited it since year 700-800 approximately.
Part of his legacy is in force in his descendants, the Kogi, Arhuaco, Wiwa and Kankwamo communities and the Gold Museum, where you will appreciate original pieces of jewelry of the Tayrona artisans.

During the tour of the historic center, you will know the interesting history of a town that was established as a stronghold of the colony during the XVI and XVII centuries, which was loyal to the Spanish crown during the Independence and was also the last place which hosted the Liberator Simón Bolívar. In the Quinta de San Pedro Alejandrino, where Bolívar died in 1830, you will have the opportunity to visit the beautiful colonial estate that was declared a National Monument, its precincts with original furniture that hosted the Liberator in his last days and recreate the customs of the time watching everyday objects in each of the spaces of the house. The Bolivarian Museum of Contemporary Art, the Altar of the Fatherland and the Botanical Garden will complete your visit to this monument.

Day 9

Cañaveral Trekking

Our guide will meet you at the lobby of your hotel to start a walking tour in which you can know the Arrecifes sector at the Tayrona National Park. A private vehicle will take you north of the city of Santa Marta and after 1 ½ hour drive you will pass the park reception in the Cañaveral sector, where the trek begins.

On this walk through the rainforest you can see different species of birds, monkeys, squirrels, peccary and other species in their natural habitat.After an hour’s walk you get to the beach Arrecifes (Reefs), with spectacular beauty. You’re not allowed to swim at this beach because of the strong waves and currents.

The hike continues for another 20 minutes until Piscina Natural (natural pool), beach on which you can swim and then visit the Cabo San Juan de Guía.

Day 10


Private transfer to Simon Bolivar International airport for your departure flight.








The Coffee Triangle


Misty Forests and Palms




Santa Marta




Cañaveral Trekking

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