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Walk On the Wild Side of Zambia

Discover the wild side of Zambia as you journey by foot on a walking safari through the country. Conclude your Zambian adventure with a stay along the Zambezi and a visit to the iconic Victoria Falls.


  • Walking safaris in Zambia
  • Exceptional game viewing

South Luangwa National Park, North Luangwa National Park, Linvingstone

Wildlife Viewing

Experience Overview

From June to October, uncover the wild side of Zambia, as you partake in the most incredible walking safaris in Luangwa National Park. The remote, unspoilt sceneries of this region will take your breath away. You will surely leave Zambia with a newfound appreciation for its wilderness and beauty. Conclude your safari at a charming riverside lodge in Livingstone and see the breathtaking Victoria Falls.

Sample Itinerary

Day 1-5

South Luangwa National Park

Discover South Luangwa National Park on your walking safari. Bordering the Luangwa River, the northern and southern Luangwa National Parks contain some of the most breathtaking and untouched wilderness in Africa. As a result of this and the parks’ successful anti-poaching campaigns, the area has developed into a world-renowned wildlife haven. The South Luangwa National Park is renowned for its walking safari, which allows visitors to view elephant, hippo and even lion close-up under the supervision of professional and knowledgeable armed guides.

Day 6-7

North Luangwa National Park

Your walking safari will now continue into North Luangwa National Park. Tourists can only access this magnificent private park via a safari operator, who can take them on exciting walking safaris through the park, where visitors will find themselves surrounded by pristine wilderness. North Luangwa provides a sanctuary for a plethora of wildlife, including buffalo, lion, hyena, wildebeest, bushbuck, zebra, warthog, baboon, puku, elephant, leopard, hartebeest, reedbuck and eland.

Day 8-9


Make your way to Livingstone for your final days in Zambia. Located near the Zambezi River in southwestern Zambia, the bustling town of Livingstone is famous as the home of the magnificent Victoria Falls. One of the original natural wonders of the world, the World Heritage Site is known locally as ‘The Smoke that Thunders’. This spectacle is accessible from both Zambia and Zimbabwe and is an ideal place to combine game viewing and water sports. There is much to do including excellent fishing, a thrilling bungee jump and arguably the best commercial whitewater rafting in the world. Visitors can hike around the falls, try zip lining or enjoy the incredible bridge swing. Those seeking more leisurely activities can take sunset cruises along the river, with champagne and snacks included, meander through the vibrant local Livingstone Market, or discover the region’s history and archaeology at the Livingstone Museum.

DAY 1-5

South Luangwa National Park

DAY 6-7

North Luangwa National Park

DAY 8-9


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