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Awasi Atacama

San Pedro de Atacama, Chile


An oasis in the dramatic and beautiful Atacama Desert- a spectacular base for exploring the desert’s otherworldly environs. 


48 miles/79 km from the nearest airport and located in San Pedro de Atacama, the Awasi is surrounded by history and culture. San Pedro is considered to be the archaeological capital of Chile and it is surrounded by immense natural beauty. Laying nearby is the country's largest salt flat its edges dotted with volcanoes. There are natural thermal hot spots to soak in as well. With the clearest skies in the world, dark doesn't mean the adventures end either. There is virtually no light pollution at all in the area, so the night sky is a feast for the eye, with stunning views of the celestial bodies. It is also said that the high qualities of quartz and copper in the region, give the people positive energy, which is why the spot is so addictively relaxing. 

Map co-ordinates: -22.913682, -68.198552


Relax in one of eight suites made of adobe, wood and stone, each features a private patio with an outdoor shower and solarium, rustic custom built furniture and abundant open space. Each room is assigned a 4x4 vehicle and private professional tour guide to accompany you on all-inclusive outings to the areas volcanoes, ponds and dry salt lakes. 

At the pool you can enjoy the warm atacama sunshine and when the sun goes down the fire pit will be lit. The bar under the stars allows you to marvel at the perfect skies above. 

Return to delicious fare in the hotel restaurant which features local foods such as quinoa and purple tomatoes. Enjoy a fine dining experience crafted by chef Juan Pablo Mardones. He has created a sophisticated menu that combines the best of the local cuisine and international influences. 


• Fine authentic cuisine 
• Astronomer led stargazing 
• Immerse yourself in a historic and beautiful region of Chile
• Enjoy luxurious thatched roof suites with warm filtered sunlight 
• Personal 4x4 vehicle with private driver guide 
• The warmth of personal attention

At A Glimpse

Awasi is not the traditional kind of hotel. Here the aim is to provide tailor-made memorable travel experiences through lodging, gastronomy and outings, while assuring the intimacy, freedom, and comfort of the guests. At Awasi luxury is best expressed not by ostentation, but by the beauty of the simple, comfortable and natural objects that surround us while accompanied by outstanding service and the warmth of personal attention. A cozy and luxurious retreat is what you will find here.

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